ACBP, AuraPortal Partner for 10 years

Alliance with AuraPortal

ACBP was founded in 2006, focusing mainly on customized software development. In mid-2008, when one of their largest customers required digital transformation, they entered the world of process management solutions and became a Partner of AuraPortal. Since then, they have experienced a continuous flow of project implementations and gained expertise in this area.

ACBP selected AuraPortal for its unique combination of simplicity for process creation and design, combined with the ease and power of interaction with other IT tools and, all this, in a 100% web environment.


ACBP has extensive experience in AuraPortal implementations in large companies in sectors such as food, consumer goods, industry, etc. They specialize in the implementation of solutions based on this BPMS, integrating them with other technologies such as mobile devices, ERPs and production software, which has empowered them to respond to customer requirements.

Using AuraPortal, ACBP implements simple HR and quality control processes, as well as highly complex processes, such as the creation of new products.

Alejandro Chueca, founder and director of ACBP, comments:

AuraPortal’s continuous evolution over the past years to adapt to the new technological challenges has been fundamental for companies like ours to continue offering quality solutions to their customers.

At present

ACBP has 8 Senior AuraPortal Consultants with more than 5 years’ experience in creating processes. This training and experience combined with the knowledge of other technologies empowers the company to adjust its solution proposals to the customer’s requirements.

ACBP has implemented vertical solutions based on AuraPortal in the agricultural sector (work management, control of phytosanitary treatments, pest control, etc.) that can be contracted using a pay-per-use model and are operative online and offline.


In recent years, ACBP have developed turnkey solutions for their customers and using AuraPortal as the central axis of their strategy has been fundamental.

According to Alejandro Chueca:

The current and medium-term future is in providing services to customers and, for this reason, it is essential to have a solution like AuraPortal that facilitates the integration of different technologies to achieve a common goal: a competitive advantage. There is still a lot of work to do for business processes automation and optimization; an objective that is very difficult to reach without a process management solution like AuraPortal.


ACBP is headquartered in Fraga, a point of great strategic interest for the agricultural, industrial and logistic sectors due to its geographical location on the border between the autonomous communities of Aragon and Catalonia. In recent years, they have experienced exponential growth that has multiplied their economic activity.