Adapting to change during the COVID-19 pandemic

‘May you live in interesting times.’ This seems to be the curse that has come upon us, ever since the WHO declared the pandemic that has forced us to change the way we live. Adapting to change during COVID-19 is necessary, especially when we hear talk of “the new normal”, implying that the situation has irreversibly changed our relationship with the world.

The importance of adapting to change

In these times, the importance of adaptation to change becomes more relevant as it’s not the strongest, nor the smartest who survive, but those who can best adapt to change. For this reason, in these especially challenging times, flexibility to current and future changes becomes more important than ever.

In 2011, Lynda Gratton, professor of Management and Practice at  Business London School, did a study on how the environment would change by 2025. The study involved more than 200 managers from 50 different companies across the world. The conclusion was that the most important changes will take place in energy, social and technological fields.

Since 2011 we have experienced these changes, but who could have imagined that a virus would accelerate changes to our way of working and of living? These are truly interesting times we are living in! Companies, and their strategic management, must set short-term objectives to thrive in unstable markets and adopt new structures based on collaboration and knowledge management. This forces us to be dynamic in order to improve performance, while at the same time maintain the necessary connections between collaborators in our projects.

Adopting new work methods

The current situation has made it necessary to adopt new work methods, such as remote work. Due to the shift in the way we work, it is imperative to find new ways of facilitating this change. There is no better change than one that creates new benefits. At AuraPortal, we focus on helping companies, with our Low-Code Application Platform and with a specific solution for remote working.

Our goal is to ensure that changes can happen rapidly and effortlessly to benefit overall productivity and efficiency.