Alianza Insurance improves process monitoring and auditing by 90%

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For over 18 years, Alianza Insurance has flourished as an Andean multinational company, with annual revenues of over USD 120 million. As such, it has become one of the main companies in the Bolivian economy.



However, the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the strict confinement measures adopted by dozens of countries, forced many organizations, including Alianza, to rethink their business model to continue their economic activity.


According to Rosario del Carmen Velázquez, regional assistant manager of customer services, “the pandemic caused by COVID-19 had huge consequences for our company at the operational level, and the forced remote work model made us seek digital tools to be able to perform our daily work”. Faced with this situation, “it was necessary to have a digital solution that would allow us to automate all kinds of processes while continuing to meet the demands and needs of all our customers and suppliers”.


In fact, the company’s management team decided to look for a technological solution capable of automating all the business processes linked to the Human Risk Customer Services department in record time. It was also important for the chosen solution to enable the effective and secure implementation of remote work, limiting the differences between remote and in-office work.


After analyzing the different business digitization solutions, Alianza’s management team decided to trust in the security and experience offered by AuraQuantic. A platform that the company had been using since 2010, when it automated its first two processes, namely Policy Management and Claims Management.


In addition to digitizing and automating all its document processes, AuraQuantic has served to optimize all the company’s active business processes, reduce human errors and minimize task execution times. In the words of Rosario del Carmen Velázquez, deputy manager of Customer Service for Human Risks, “the implementation of AuraQuantic has been quick and easy since in a short period of time we have automated and optimized our process management”. Likewise, Rómulo Segundo Quispe, National Corporate Systems Manager, emphasized how “on a daily basis, our business needed tools that not only improved processes but also enabled efficient case management for policies and claims. In this sense, the AuraQuantic suite has empowered us to meet all our policyholders’ requirements”.


The main benefits obtained by Alianza from implementing the platform include a reduction in paper consumption (95%), a decrease in audit times (80%), an increase in the level of task monitoring (90%), savings in operating costs (65%), improvements in workload distribution (70%), and an increase in the level of satisfaction with the service provided to suppliers (60%).


In addition, Rosario explains, “in the past, we needed a wide variety of resources to search for documentation. However, “now, simply by providing the audited case number, we can access all the information we need”.


All these achievements have helped Alianza continue its digital transformation journey, relying on AuraQuantic as an indispensable management tool for continuous improvement. A platform that, in Rómulo’s opinion, has provided added value to customers and suppliers, offering them “the possibility of tracking the status of their procedures from any device”.