Alquería digitally transforms business to stay at the forefront of the market

Alquería is a company dedicated to the processing and commercialization of long-life dairy products with  60 years of experience in the sector. Positioned in the Top 3 companies in the Colombian dairy industry, innovation and technology are a top priority.

The main challenge they faced was to digitally transform the company and reinvent interaction with users to ensure that the controls implemented were automatic and of great value. With this premise, Alquería made the decision to automate its processes using the AuraPortal Digital Business Platform, which is based on low-code development.

Reaching these goals led the company to a complete digital transformation, which highlights an excellent management of internal processes.


At present, the AuraPortal Digital Platform implemented is a fundamental resource for the company as it operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year and impacts 100% of the industrial process.

It controls the daily processing of 1.2 million liters of fresh milk in real time, integrating many processes. These include purchases, collection, visits to farms and production supplies for the entire company, which consists of 11 collection centers, 3 plants and more than 2,500 productive associations that agglomerate over 13,000 farmers.

“ We have integrated the AuraPortal Instant Workflow application with information panels and a mobile platform developed on Android that enables us to collect information we never had prior to the implementation.”
Fernando Trujillo / IT Solutions Coordinator


Alquería uses AuraPortal capabilities to develop integrations with industrial devices (flow meters, scales, etc.), which give the company total control of the process.

The most relevant integrations are:

  • Mobile application for milk collection carriers.
  • Mechanical measurement systems to control supply in stockpiles.
  • Corporate ERP functionalities to keep online inventory control.

“ Absolutely all the development, processes and controls were carried out using the AuraPortal digital platform. We integrate the information provided by the platform with the ERP. This integration is continuous and bidirectionaL.”
Fernando Trujillo / IT Solutions Coordinator


Given the intuitive nature of the new system, Alquería is seeing multiple benefits such as process optimization and standardization, digitalization and complete traceability of information, 100% reduction in the time and costs involved in the calculation of transport payments, and accurate real-time information on inventories and optimal quality control points in all supply and transportation processes.

Today, the company is able to manage its processes with greater agility and flexibility and immediately undertake all kinds of changes with complete control and security.


Alquería is a company with more than half a century of tradition dedicated to the processing and sale of long-life dairy products.

During these years of work and continuous innovation, the Alquería family has also grown, to include its collaborators, suppliers, contractors and consumers. This personal and professional growth has always been essential for the company.

To ensure the well-being of future generations, Alquería respect and care for the environment and its natural resources, which is why today they are recognized as an exemplary company for environmental responsibility.