Alquería Selected as a Finalist for the Prestigious WfMC Awards for Excellence in Business Transformation

AuraPortal congratulates their customer Alquería for having been selected as a finalist for the prestigious WfMC Awards for Excellence in Business Transformation for its implementation of AuraPortal iBPMS.

Alquería specializes in the processing and commercialization of long-life dairy products and is positioned in the top 3 companies in the Colombian dairy industry. They implemented the Digital Business Platform to achieve real-time control of their daily processing of 1.2 million liters of fresh milk, integrating many processes including purchasing, collection, farm visits and supply to production for the entire company.

The digital transformation project was so successful that Alquería is considered a Finalist across ALL categories, worldwide.

About WfMC Awards for Excellence in Business Transformation

These prestigious Global Awards for Excellence in Business Transformation recognize user organizations that have demonstrably excelled in implementing innovative business solutions to meet strategic business objectives. Business Transformation (BT) aligns people, organizational processes and technology initiatives of a company with its business strategy and vision with the aim of achieving significant competitive advantages. The Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) and jointly sponsor the awards program. The Awards program is managed by Future Strategies Inc.

The winners will be announced during the live online ceremony on Tuesday December 11 at 12:00 PM EST