AuraQuantic selected as Hot Vendor in the 2021 HFS Analyst Report

HFS has awarded AuraQuantic the title of Hot Vendor. This recognition is based on AuraQuantic’s distinctiveness, ecosystem robustness, client impact, financial position, and its impact on technological transformation.

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The HFS OneOffice™ Organization is HFS’ view of what digital transformation looks like when it is put into action. OneOffice™ represents a mindset shift to collaborative, cross-functional, enterprise operations powered by an integrated stack of emerging tech that complements your core, natively automates your processes, enables your people, and powers your decisions – breaking down your front-to-back legacy silos to create the only “office” that matters: OneOffice™.


Whether you are an enterprise consuming third-party services, a service provider, or a technology provider, you will need a smart ecosystem to succeed and survive in the future.

Hot Vendors are service and technology providers hand-picked by HFS’ analysts to help you flesh out your smart ecosystem with offerings that solve today’s complex business problems and exploit market opportunities.

Discover why HFS designates AuraQuantic a OneOffice™ Hot Vendor:

  • Proven attention to customers’ challenges and customization needs.
  • Ability to speedily deliver improvements to the market based on close collaboration.
“HFS designates AuraQuantic a OneOffice Hot Vendor because of a relentless customer focus, co-innovation and co-development of its platform, and showing what successful low-code outcomes are in real life. AuraQuantic also shows the value of a smaller, focused vendor in the time, attention, and understanding it shows its clients.” – HFS analyst, David Cushman.

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