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Aragon Research Positions AuraPortal in the “Innovator” Section of the Globe for Digital Business Platforms

Evaluation Based on Completeness of Strategy and Performance

AuraPortal, a leading provider of Digital Business Platform solutions, announced it has been positioned by Aragon Research, Inc. in the “Innovator” section of the “Aragon Research Globe for Digital Business Platforms 2018[1]”. This research note evaluates 27 key providers that are leading the charge in the DBP market.

“We believe our positioning in the Globe™ for Digital Business Platforms, 2018 by Aragon Research highlights our innovative approach to creating a Zero-code Digital Business Platform. We are helping companies worldwide to adapt to the faster, smarter and connected digital world with easy integration and real-time control and analysis of all company activities, empowering them to continuously adapt and offer the ultimate customer experience.”
Olivia Trilles, CEO of AuraPortal


[1]Aragon Research “The Aragon Research Globe for Digital Business Platforms, 2018” by Jim Sinur.

Alba Fernández

Content Developer @ AuraPortal LinkedIn