BANNER-European Union-ERDF

AURA received funding from ERDF to undertake the “AURAMARKETWORLD2017” internationalization plan

The project was co-financed by Europe to support  Aura´s International Strategy in 2017.

IVACE, the valencian institute of business competitiveness granted AURA european funding to co-finance the “AURAMARKETWORLD2017” internationalization project.

In 2017 AURA received funding from the European Union ERDF fund, by opting for the Internationalization Aid Program that annually convenes in the Valencian Community, with the aim of helping SME companies in the Community to develop their Internationalization Plans.

The funding was used for the “AURAMARKETWORLD2017” project, to increase participation in a greater number of technological events, in line with the strategy to obtain a greater presence in the markets, where the AuraPortal brand seeks to consolidate its positioning.

The Agenda developed in “AURAMARKETWORLD2017” increased its international impact in markets including the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States, Eastern Europe and Latin America; areas of maximum interest for the company that continues to lead the BPM solutions market due to its high degree of innovation in this type of business management system.