AuraPortal as a teleworking tool.

AuraPortal as a teleworking tool

Introduction to teleworking

Nowadays working remotely is becoming more than just a personal preference. In the times of Kyoto protocols, zero carbon emissions policies, balancing family and work life, among other issues, ‘on-site work’, which is so predominant in the business culture of some countries, is starting to be something that many companies plan to leave behind.

Although the implementation of teleworking is something that has been talked about for a long time, recently it has gained special relevance. In this way, employees avoid commuting or traveling to a central place of work, thus reducing carbon emissions, and favoring the work-life balance, among other advantages.

However, to be able to implement this work system; solicited by 69% of employees, although only practiced by 8%; it is necessary to implement a technological system that can support working from home without losing the necessary coordination and productivity that every company requires for its proper functioning.

Requirements for teleworking

Some of these measures may seem obvious but are just as necessary. Some of the evident measures are that the worker needs to have a computer, either laptop or desktop, and a secure and reliable internet connection. As in the workplace, the remote worker needs a practical and comfortable workspace, where they can make the most of the working day, which is still classed as a working day even when done remotely. In addition to these measures, it is necessary to consider certain aspects:

4 requirements of teleworking: organization, time, online documents and communication.


Managing different tasks in an orderly manner, according to a list of pending tasks, managed tasks, and with the guarantee that other colleagues can perform their tasks as established in company procedures. This is absolutely necessary, and with AuraPortal it is something available from the moment the automated process is initiated.


When working from home the use of time may not be as effective as when working in the workspace. It is for this reason that it is essential to have a tool that measures the time dedicated to each task, taking into account the dead times in the execution of the task, and that empowers employees, even in remote work, to improve productivity, and the company’s processes. With AuraPortal you can measure work times, process execution times, and through different metrics and reports have a clear picture of the points for improvement in the applied procedures.

Online Documents

All companies require group work. This requires the option to share documents, so that they are available to all members of the group and can be modified from different physical access points. Furthermore, if necessary, there should be a defined approval procedure in the case of documents related to contracts, quality, procedures, and others. For this reason, AuraPortal incorporates a document manager and all the process automation versatility characteristics of the tool to be able to address all possible cases in terms of teamwork and documentation generation and storage.


It is the most valuable aspect to get a good job done. The option to incorporate the sending of emails in your business processes, as well as incorporating messaging tools such as WhatsApp, is a growing necessity given the fundamental interaction with customers and suppliers on multiple platforms. In the case of teleworking implementation, it can be complemented with other tools such as Teams (integrated with AuraPortal), Skype or video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Webex.


Ultimately, teleworking is an option that is being imposed for multiple reasons and that, with adequate planning by companies, workers and the appropriate technological tools, is possible to implement without assuming any reduction in benefits or productivity. On the contrary, it can have many positive effects including a better quality of life, and improved corporate image.