What is the AuraQuantic Modeler?

AuraQuanticModeler is the platform’s diagramming software. It helps you draw the diagram. With AuraQuantic Modeler you can draw any activity and connect the lines to establish the process flow.

AuraPortal BPM Process Modeler

(Windows version)

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What role does Modeler play in the AuraQuantic BPM platform?

The Modeler is the tool used to draw the process diagrams, a visual representation of the complete logic behind the process.


So, it is a very important tool of the AuraQuantic platform and is used in the modeling and optimization stages of a process.  The AuraQuantic Modeler has the following advantages:

Optimized interface and usability.

Syntax control (error prevention).

Available for PC and MAC.

Free, no subscription, and for unlimited time.

Follows the BPMN standard.

Offers advanced statistical simulation functionality.

Fast, simple and intuitive.

Drag & Drop technology.

AuraQuantic Modeler is offered free of charge so that people who are not familiar with the AuraQuantic platform can take their first steps in process modeling. However, it is only a diagramming tool, and therefore does not allow the subsequent configuration of the drawn objects; this part is configured in the AuraQuantic platform.