AuraPortal Cloud – Process Management Software on Azure, trusted by Microsoft

AuraPortal Cloud is one of the fastest solutions for creating and launching business applications to automate, monitor, control and optimize your business activities. It is an agile and easy-to-use platform that has fast implementation and high customer satisfaction.

AuraPortal Cloud is the best BPM (Business Process Management) software to achieve maximum efficiency and reduce IT costs, as it helps organizations to automate and control their business processes through applications in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Furthermore, AuraPortal Cloud has the support and guarantee of Microsoft, as detailed in the following “Case study” and “Co-Branded Datasheet” from AuraPortal in collaboration with Microsoft Azure, which are downloadable in PPT format.

Mini Case StudyCo-Branded Datasheet


rocket background mini case study and cobranded datasheet

Fast implementation without programming

Build and automate business applications without programming and get them up and running with AuraPortal Cloud.

Improve Productivity

Azure ensures secure access to data from anywhere and at any time, as well as integration with Dynamics CRM, SAP, etc.

Increase customer satisfaction

Secure access to user data from any device allows for more agile problem solving. Create portals for employees, customers and partners to interact, facilitating communication and collaboration.

Integrated analytics

AuraPortal provides a simple interface builder to create dashboards and data analysis tools, allowing users to monitor and continuously improve processes in real time.

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