AuraPortal and MEGA HOPEX, effective symbiosis

The webinar held on November 9th, organized by AuraPortal’s Partner, Treda Solutions, in collaboration with MEGA HOPEX and AuraPortal, had a great turnout. The online seminar entitled “The Role of Business Architecture in the BPM Lifecycle” revealed the advantages of combining MEGA HOPEX and AuraPortal software.

MEGA’s solution helps users document, map and evaluate business actions, describing systems and IT assets and mapping risks based on business contexts. By using the MEGA software, the user can identify dependencies between all the elements and learn how they interconnect and affect each other. All information is stored in a central shared repository that can be easily updated. In addition, it is available for all decision makers and provides a complete and consolidated view of all the main components of the organization. Thus, it easily detects which IT resource depends on each process and also the effect of modifying a process or resource.

In summary, using MEGA creates an extensive diagram of the company’s business architecture with the collaboration of all those involved in the processes who have a thorough understanding of the operations. This system promotes continuous improvement using knowledge management and the study of processes.

By combining the AuraPortal BPM solution with the MEGA business architecture system it adds execution to the MEGA process operation map, hereby providing employees with a process workflow they can use on any device. Thus, AuraPortal achieves process automation by running the diagram created with MEGA and automating the processes. AuraPortal also gives the option to simulate the processes before running them in order to make changes and correct possible errors.

Once the processes are executed, AuraPortal provides process data for analysis and continuous improvement. Nowadays, business analytics is crucial for businesses to stay competitive. Furthermore, changes to the process structure can be made instantly with AuraPortal, resulting in a remarkable improvement in efficiency and faster decision making.

The interactive Webinar presented by Danny Guarín, an expert in BPM technology, empowered the attendees to measure the difficulties of moving from planning to implementation and process execution. Guarín gave his audience a clear vision of the current stage of their business process management strategy using questions and displaying the answers in percentages.

The advantages of creating a digital business platform that involves the employees in the processes, which have been designed to work in the most effective way possible, successfully aligns objectives to achieve better results and ultimately business excellence.

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