AuraPortal Partner Unit

AuraPortal Partner Unit was created to establish a communication channel between all members of the AuraPortal ecosystem that strengthen the relationship between AuraPortal and its Partner community.

Current technological advances are changing business models, so we must take advantage of this opportunity.

AURA is a leading company in the BPM market, recognized internationally and endorsed by the most renowned software consultants. Furthermore, this recognition comes from our customers as they discover that AuraPortal simplifies the road to Digital Transformation and that its Partner Network leads the way.

To stay in this leading position, we must continue to increase our market presence, generate more business, offering powerful solutions that reveal all the benefits of AuraPortal, with proposals based on the adaptability of the platform, processes, cloud, mobility, etc.; this will help transform our future.

This network of the best Partners will give us the power needed to expand and increase the number of AuraPortal users.

To help achieve this goal, we have created the AuraPortal Partner Unit, which, in recent months, has launched various initiatives such as:

  • Partner News.
  • Cross-selling and upselling.
  • Business Training Days.
  • Presentations “Solution Series”.
  • Facilities for demonstrations.
  • Support for demonstrations.