Cumbre CEO 10 octubre - speaker Olivia Trilles CEO AuraPortal

AuraPortal will participate in the CEO Summit 2017

On October 5th, AuraPortal CEO, Olivia Trilles, will be at the ‘CEO Summit’ to participate in the debate entitled “IoT, IA, Robotics, Blockchain, Big Data, what else lies ahead?”.

The CEO Club, whose objective is to connect the most important business and social leaders for knowledge exchange, has organized the CEO Summit for the 4th, 5th and 6th of October at the Parador Nacional de la Granja in Segovia. The central theme for the event is ‘Restoring Value’.

This year’s speakers include; Marcos de Quinto, Senior Advisor to the CEO of The Coca-Cola Company; Silvia Leal, Expert in Inno-Leadership and Digital Transformation; María Carceller, CEO of Grupo Rodilla; Experts in energy, trends, branding, innovation, digital transformation; CEO’s from disruptors; journalists and specialists in the world of teaching and the military.

Olivia Trilles and Rodolfo Carpintier, CEO of Digital Assets Deployment, will participate in a debate about how the Internet of Things, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are transforming business and society. The debate will address possible solutions to the real risks posed by adopting algorithms and machines.


Olivia Trilles graduated from Stanford University. She was appointed Chief Operating Officer of AuraPortal in 2009 and has been recently named CEO of the company. She is responsible for the company’s strategy, solution development, sales execution, operations, and marketing. The company’s history is characterized by its exponential growth, with presence in more than 50 countries, with customers including Toyota, General Motors, Scotiabank, Refinería del Pacífico, Bristol-Myers Squibb and The Ministry of Interior of Colombia. Ms. Trilles is also president of Microsoft’s IAMCP (International Association of Channel Partners) for the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and a member of the Microsoft ISV Council for EMEA.

Rodolfo Carpintier is an accomplished specialist in the use of internet as support for business decision making. Mr. Carpintier founded DAD, Spain’s first internet-business incubator and has been President of Commerce Net Spain (an international organization promoting e-commerce worldwide); Founding Partner and Vice President of Business Development at Netjuice and Marketing Director of Telefónica systems.

Attendance at the CEO Summit is limited. You can register at the following link: