AuraQuantic, leader in the 2021 SPARK Matrix for iBPMS 2021

AuraQuantic is a leader in intelligent Business Process Management Suites (IBPMS), according to the SPARK Matrix 2021 report prepared by the global advisory and consulting firm, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions.

Download SPARK Matrix 2021 report


The SPARK Matrix 2021 report provides competitive analysis and ranking of the current iBPMS vendors, among which AuraQuantic is positioned as a leader.

Download the report to discover the benefits of AuraQuantic according to the advisory firm:

  • Greater control over human resources, systems and data.
  • Increase in process efficiency.
  • Improvements in time management.
  • Effective document management.
“AuraQuantic, with its comprehensive technology for managing end-to-end business processes, strong logic for complex automation, ease of use, scalability, and AI-driven solutions has received a strong rating across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact.” – Pallavi Bothra, Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions.

What are AuraQuantic’s strengths?

“The business rules engine, ease of integration, and deep logic to cover all business scenarios help organizations easily scale and automate end-to-end processes.”

“The platform also comes with pre-built templates, components, wizards, and reusable elements for a seamless process flow.”

“With its comprehensive roadmap vision, strong partner ecosystem, strong customer value proposition, and robust functional capabilities, AuraQuantic is well-positioned to expand its market share in the global iBPMS market.”

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