AuraQuantic + Microsoft 365: the ultimate connection

Integration between AuraQuantic and Microsoft 365

Many companies still lack integration systems with connectors, a situation that forces employees to continually check that project data is in the appropriate locations. This is undoubtedly a tedious task that can lead to errors which are easily avoidable by using the pertinent mechanism.

Imagine for a moment, being able to connect all the applications you use into one platform and having all the information centralized in a single location without having to transfer data manually. With AuraQuantic and its low-code platform, this is possible.

Microsoft 365 connectors ensure that users can use the most popular services and receive real-time updates. Thanks to AuraQuantic, the integration of these connectors with the platform is quick and easy, providing organizations with agility and efficiency.

What are connectors?

AuraQuantic connectors are tools that facilitate integration with other software. In addition, they keep an organization’s computer equipment up to date, since they provide service and content updates, which are normally used from a single channel.

This tool allows all members of a team to connect their computers to the company’s most used applications, grouping them in the cloud. This increases agility and when carrying out certain tasks. It should be noted that each connector or application is made up of three key elements:

1. Triggers: each connector has at least one trigger and they are used to start the workflow. Each type of trigger has a different interface and inputs that define its behavior.

2. Actions: once the process has started, we must tell you what actions you have to take. There are several types of action and each one has different inputs that define a unique behavior.

3. Connections: when connecting two applications, access credentials are sometimes required; These will be encrypted and can be erased when necessary.

Microsoft 365 connector types

Microsoft365 has a wide range of tools that aim to improve and optimize team productivity. Its applications allow you to create and share documents, as well as access the Microsoft Office 365 cloud from any location and device that has access to the Internet and OneDrive.

Among the most used connectors that we can find in Microsoft 365 and that are easy to integrate with AuraQuantic, are the following:

1. Email

AuraQuantic processes can send individual or batch emails, whose address, subject and body can be dynamic depending on each process. Furthermore, this Microsoft Office 365 connector activates specific business processes in AuraQuantic to manage emails according to configured behavior.

 2. Word

AuraQuantic creates Microsoft Word documents very easily, regardless of the complexity of their content. Achieve efficiency, consistency, and cost reduction by automatically identifying and collecting a document’s metadata.

 3. Excel

AuraQuantic has the ability to create MS Excel sheets. In addition, you can read any Excel file and start a new process for each row within the sheet, automatically storing the data of the cells in each row in a new process.

4. SharePoint

Along with the AuraQuantic file system, there is full integration with SharePoint document management and the ability to create automations within your libraries.

 5. Calendar

AuraQuantic offers you the possibility to integrate appointments and events bidirectionally between calendars.

6. Microsoft Teams

This Office 365 collaboration platform brings together people, content and various tools with the aim of increasing digital teamwork productivity. Integration with AuraQuantic allows the incorporation of custom applications accessible to all employees.

There are other Microsoft 365 connectors compatible with AuraQuantic that are very useful and have important benefits at the business level, such as .NET Assembly, Azure Active Directory, Computer Vision, Key Phrases, Microsoft Flow and Sentiment Analysis.

Connect your Microsoft 365 tools with AuraQuantic

Integrations aim to connect software with third-party applications so that they can share information and be accessible from different devices. This is the case of AuraQuantic, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365 services, enabling companies to use all applications without limit and at no cost.

Connecting Microsoft 365 tools with AuraQuantic results in important benefits, since it connects our system with the most advanced technologies on the market.

Make optimal use of AuraQuantic with Microsoft 365 connectors, stay in control of your data, spend less time integrating and more time paying attention to the needs of your employees and customers. Now is the right time to take the next step!

Jessica Mauro