AuraQuantic named Top Performer in the Low-Code Development Platforms Category

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AuraQuantic has been named Top Performer for Low-Code Development Platforms, according to the Summer 2022 Customer Success Report published by FeaturedCustomers.


The classification as Top Performer is made based on a series of requirements set by the IT consulting firm FeaturedCustomers, which is considered the leading platform for customer success content marketing, for B2B business software and services.


First, FeaturedCustomers evaluates the applications of all potential low-code development platforms, for possible inclusion in the report. On this occasion, only 27 companies met the required criteria, with a significant presence in the market, social networks and the internet, and that generate enough content based on customer success to validate their qualification.


Finally, and after a period of deliberation, the AuraQuantic digital transformation platform won the Top Performer award in the Summer 2022 Low-Code Development Platforms report. FeaturedCustomers comments, “ AuraQuantic consistently publishes high quality, vendor produced customer success content and curates quality customer references from multiple third-party sites ” Two factors that, according to FeaturedCustomers, confirm that AuraQuantic is “highly rated by customers”.


The FeaturedCustomers Top Performance recognition is designed to help the B2B sector to make informed buying decisions based on customer success content validated by the IT provider, including testimonials, success stories, case studies and videos.


If you want to access the full report, along with the AuraQuantic profile, you can download it here.



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