AuraQuantic will be represented by its partner, Intertec Systems, at the Saudi No Code Innovation Summit, to promote no-code technology in the Middle East

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The slogan “no code, no limits” defines the spirit of this edition of the Saudi No Code Innovation Summit, scheduled for May 20 and 21, at the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), where AuraQuantic will be represented by its partner Intertec Systems.


“The Garage” space, of over 28,000 square meters and recognized as the largest innovation district in the Middle East, will serve as a meeting point to bring together leading industry professionals, thought leaders and technology enthusiasts. Together they will delve into the impact and transformative potential of no-code and low-code (NC/LC) platforms on the business landscape.


The summit’s agenda features a variety of activities, all focused on promoting innovation and sharing knowledge in the field of NC/LC technology.


The first day is scheduled to discuss issues related to the modernization of Saudi Arabia within the Saudi Vision 2030 strategic framework. An ambitious economic and social transformation plan designed to diversify the country’s economy and reduce the dependence on oil. Digital business transformation, the implementation of NC and LC technologies by the government and public institutions, as well as the study of different success stories complete the agenda for May 20.


The second day of the Saudi No Code Innovation Summit will discuss how to ensure the security of LC/NC applications. Industry experts and leaders will gather to discuss strategies and best practices to ensure the protection and integrity of these applications. There will also be “industry-specific sessions”, which will delve into the specific challenges and opportunities of various sectors, and a special section will be reserved for case studies and real business experiences called “overcoming challenges”.


In addition, during the two days of the summit, different awards will be given for innovation without code, a special meeting of programmers, known as a hackathon, will be organized, as well as different practical workshops and training programs.


People interested in attending the event can obtain their ticket for free on the Saudi No Code Innovation Summit website by completing the registration form. Likewise, speakers and companies interested in sponsoring the event can also register on the website.