Automate Business Operations to scale your Digital Business

According to Gartner, “Emerging technologies like robotic process automation and AI promise a new era of business process automation. Application leaders must focus on investments that deliver short-term value but also provide a sustainable basis for continuous optimization and transformation of business operations”.


This report will help you explore how to:

“Identify the right mix of business process optimization and transformation opportunities.”

“Combine RPA and low-code to transform business operations.”

“Maximize ROI by working with business stakeholders to redesign business processes.”

“Enable business agility at scale by fostering a “DigitalOps” mindset, with a combined focus on hyperautomation and augmentation.”


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“Optimization of existing business operations puts a focus on maximizing efficiency as well as efficacy: increasing productivity, reducing errors, avoiding known risks. To reduce business process debt, application leaders should work with business stakeholders to standardize processes and decisions.”

80% improvement in process times

EPM is made up of companies that work together for regional developments offering services such as electricity or natural gas.


“Currently at EPM we are working on structuring a BPM center of excellence based on improvement techniques and the use of BPMS and RPA technologies.”


Carlos Ignacio Jaramillo Chica | BI IT Solutions Unit

EPM has significantly improved the service and relationship with its internal and external customers and suppliers.

The integration of technological tools, communication channels and process simplification has created a more productive and pleasant work environment.

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