Over recent decades digital transformation has undoubtedly boomed to put it mildly, however, there is one factor that has not changed and continues to be fundamental to business: this factor is trust. The beauty of Blockchain is that it ensures this trust among parties.

Collaboration and transactions across organizations

Blockchain technology is an open, distributed ledger that can efficiently record transactions between two parties. The records are verifiable and permanent, providing trust to all business parties using ‘smart contracts’ to ensure terms are fulfilled as stipulated. AuraQuantic provides everything you need to work with all blockchain technology, whether it be open, private or a consortium (semi-private).

Increased capacity

A significant number of computers working together increase the capacity of the whole network.

Enhanced security

The information on the network is hashed cryptographically, hiding the true nature of the data.


This technology cannot be corrupted, it will remain as it is: a permanent, unalterable network.

Faster settlement

It offers a faster settlement compared to traditional banking systems. A user can transfer money faster, saving a lot of time.

Decentralized system

As the system doesn’t require any governing authority, we can directly access it from the web and store our assets there.


Every blockchain has a consensus, a decision-making process for the group of nodes active on the network.

Blockchain application

Azure Blockchain simplifies Blockchain application development.

AuraQuantic is ledger-agnostic, connecting your AuraQuantic platform to the ledger of your choice: Ethereum, Corda, Hyperledger or other.


We work with Azure Blockchain, which offers a range of topologies (from single node to multi-node multi-region networks for more complex consortiums).


In addition to connecting the Blockchain application to your AuraQuantic platform, we also connect it to the other enterprise applications used in your company.

Blockchain Connectors to crypto ledgers

AuraQuantic provides connectors to existing blockchain platforms made for business across all industries. We simplify the adoption of blockchain for your business process automation.

Connectors to Blockchain Consortia

Consortium blockchains differ to public blockchains in that they are permissioned. These consortia are formed by a group of companies collaborating together to leverage blockchain technology for improved business processes.


AuraQuantic offers connections to the most popular ‘business-focused’ and ‘technology-focused’ blockchain consortia:



China Ledger

EEA — Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

FISCO — Financial Blockchain Shenzhen


GBBC — Global Blockchain Business Council

Global Shipping Business Network

Hashed Health Collective

International Organization for Standardization

ISITC Europe

Japan Exchange Group — JPX

Marco Polo Network


PTDL — Post Trade Distributed Ledger


Trusted IoT Alliance (TIA)


Applications have similar patterns across industries:

Financial services, retail and industrial supply chain have all started to pay close attention to blockchain technology, but it has a far broader array of uses in healthcare, government, energy, and other sectors. All these situations have some common characteristics: they involve the transfer of an asset in some form and there’s an element of audit or reconciliation that usually causes pain points which can be relieved by blockchain.


Asset tracking

Real-time auction for supplier contracts

Supply chain transparency

Dynamic commodities pricing


Loyalty tracking

Logistics management

Product provenance

Digital rewards

P2P sellings

Ticket purchases


Claims management

MBS/Property payments

Fraud detection

Automated underwriting

Risk visualizations


Audit compliance

Bond issuance

Trade finance

Loan syndication

Post trade settlement

Global payments

Derivates trading



Licensing and ID

Benefits distribution

Aid tracking

Military security




Personalized medicine

Records sharing


Agricultural authentication

Pharmaceutical purity

Blockchain business patterns

Trade finance

Know your customer

Digital asset transfer

Supply chain collaboration

Supply chain financing

Global payments

Refrigerated transportation

Food provenance

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