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Act smart by leveraging a wide range of sophisticated functionalities including Native Reporting,  Impact Identification, Workload Distribution, Business Rules, Analytics, BAM…

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Q4 2018 Forrester New Wave™ evaluation,

Digital Decisioning Platforms.

Digital Decisioning features aim to inform and automate operational decisions. These decisions continue to increase in amount and complexity due to growing customer demands. Business decision automation is a must to keep up with ever-changing customer needs.


Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)


Monitor, analyze and act in real time with KPIs and dashboards.


Impact identification


Identify your high impact processes to deliver the highest quality.


Agile change management


Change your business processes and implement them quickly and easily.




Use response and idle times to monitor, control and optimize processes.


With AuraQuantic you can monitor the status of your processes at any time, allowing you to observe their flow and performance. This is especially useful to check if the diagrammed process is being executed correctly.


The data extracted from monitoring can be analyzed to optimize production.

Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics / Analítica predictiva y prescriptiva

Statistical simulation and threshold

Once a process has been defined and before its execution, AuraQuantic runs a statistical simulation using all the data. This allows you to detect bottlenecks that may prevent the proper performance of the process execution.


To carry out the simulation, each element of the diagram is established along with the date of completion and an alert threshold. Once the alerts and objects have been configured and organized, a statistical simulation of the process can give great insight for the AuraQuantic BI module to interpret.

Workload distribution

Empower your employees to achieve optimal performance and productivity levels. A balanced workload distribution helps enhance the productivity of any workforce.

Workload Distribution / Distribución de carga
Smart Action with Business Rules & Analytics / Toma de Decisiones Inteligentes con Reglas de Negocio e Informes Analíticos

Smart action with Business Rules & Analytics

Use AuraQuantic’s powerful Business Rules Engine and analytics to react fast and continuously improve.

Native reporting

FOCUS ON CORE operations

AuraQuantic includes powerful Business Intelligence tools

AQ BI (AuraQuantic Dynamic Business Intelligence)

An easy-to-use business intelligence tool specially designed to empower business users, with no previous programming experience, to create a wide range of sophisticated reports and to interact with AuraQuantic databases to modify and update values in families of records.

AP Dynamic Business Intelligence BI (Inteligencia de Negocios Dinámica de AuraPortal)
TAO Universal Watcher (Observador Universal TAO)

TAO Universal Watcher

A revolutionary and exclusive surveillance system created by AuraQuantic to allow supervisors to obtain real-time information and operational suggestions related to any process in execution without the need for any previous design.


The system follows the TAO sequence: THINK> ASK> OBTAIN.

Microsoft Power BI Connector / Conexión para MS Power BI

MS Power BI connection

Microsoft’s Business Intelligence tool that offers a wide range of features and capabilities.

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