Dynamic Case Management

Make the right decisions fast by automating procedures and using real-time information. Gather all necessary information to perform accurate work throughout the case lifecycle.

Case Management

Be dynamic or get left behind.

This orchestrates the entire set of processes required to manage the case (applications, files…), regardless of their complexity. This management usually involves many people and / or departments. It gathers and records all procedures, documents and data.

How can AuraQuantic help?

AuraQuantic provides a flexible approach to non-routine work processes (cases) by coordinating knowledge, content and resources in a goal-oriented manner. The cases unify all individual and structured process interactions in a single case. Cases can be initiated from a process or from an external source (system), which are triggered automatically by changes in the data or by the conscious decision of an interested party. AuraQuantic supports all types of work processes.

data-storage (1)
Initiate manually or from external
sources and data changes
and unstructured data
settings (2)
Coordinate knowledge contents
and resources

Structured vs Unstructured

with ad-hoc exceptions
with predefined fragments

Event Management

Manage events in the most efficient way.

Share documents, information and context to give all employees a clear picture and boost their effectiveness. Empower them with the ability to assign ad-hoc tasks to streamline procedures. The result is increased process awareness and a speedy resolution.


To achieve well-defined business goals when your projects are not well structured.

Families, Records and Contents

Unify and manage all the case information, including data, contents, processes and collaborations, in a layered repository.


Keep a close check on key performance indicators, monitor metrics and promote improvement.

Use cases

Fraud investigation

Customer service

Incident resolution

Contract management

Facility project management

Compliance monitoring

Smart Mobility

Empower workers to get their job done from anywhere using any device.

Improve employee performance by giving them instant access to the right information on any device, at any time. Assign the right person for each job and keep managers informed with real-time alerts and notifications.

Dynamic Decisions

Gain the flexibility to easily deal with the unexpected elements.

Easily visualize case logic and leverage real-time data to adapt on the fly. The powerful Business Rules engine handles all decisions, regardless of their complexity and fast integration reduces communication delays and increases accuracy.

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