User Interface

Adapt to the faster, smarter and connected digital world. Delight users with attractive portals across multiple devices and respond immediately to their ever-changing needs with agility and zero-code changes on the fly.

User Portals

Delight users by giving them a tailored experience. Equip workers with the tools they need to be efficient, in the language they choose and the interface they desire. Configure appropriate user interfaces for customers, staff, suppliers, and partners – as a responsive web app or device-native mobile app. The intuitive drag-and-drop form builder makes it incredibly quick and simple to configure elegant apps using reusable widgets and screen elements.

  • Users, roles & profiles
  • Languages
  • Customizable interface
  • Single sign-on

Mobility + Integration

Change is a constant in today’s business environment. Don’t get left behind! In the fast-paced and highly competitive digital era, it is crucial for organizations to be flexible enough to adapt quickly to changes. AuraQuantic uses a range of integrated sources and intelligent analytics to pinpoint relevant changes and adapt your processes quickly and easily using our zero-code tool.


Gain immediate control of your organization. Access all types of reports and monitor control points in real time on your dashboard. Immediately detect bottlenecks and anomalies, analyze process performance and progress to make the right decisions at the right time.

Real-time Testing

Syntax Control

Changes in Runtime

Reusable Processes

Statistical Simulation

Alerts, Alarms & Actions

Automatic Documents

Instant Deployment


Calendar & Time Zones

Tasks & Events Manager


Complete Web-Based Administration, accesible everywhere, anytime, on any device / Administración completa formato web, desde cualquier lugar y dispositivo, en cualquier momento.

Complete Web-Based

Accessible anywhere and on any device, easily customizable and can grow as you grow.

Visual End-to-End Process Auditing / Auditoría de Procesos de principio a fin

Visual End-to-End
Process Auditing

Have a complete view of your processes, examine results and measure efficiency.

Calendar View of Tasks & Data / Vista del calendario de tareas y datos

Calendar View
of Tasks & Data

AuraQuantic offers different task-panel views including a calendar integrated with Microsoft Office 365.

Other features

Enjoy a suite that gives you control of all business processes, multi-platform apps that adapt to different devices and seamless connections between the Apps.


AuraQuantic is distinguished for its ease of use and intuitive design. The Apps, forms and other interfaces are specifically designed to meet the customers’ needs and are 100% adaptable to any device.

Custom interfaces based on user type / Interfaces personalizadas en función del usuario


Design a Home page for a specific user or a team based on their needs: dashboards, task inbox, announcement boards, specific menus, calendars, world news, alerts…


Stay informed of important tasks and notifications without having to access any portal or intranet. With the AuraQuantic App, the tasks, notifications and important notices come directly to you.


Don’t miss a trick by automatically displaying appointments from Microsoft Office 365 in your AuraQuantic calendar and vice versa. Furthermore, open your tasks directly from the Microsoft Office 365 calendar.

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