CardNET reduces purchase processing time by 50%

Categories: Success stories

CardNET is a company with over 20 years of experience in processing online and offline payments. Its main objective is to act as an intermediary between a client, the issuing bank, the receiving bank and a company, enabling the information of an economic transaction to pass from one side to another.



The COVID-19 pandemic was a turning point in the company’s history. In 2020, after an organizational introspection, CardNET decided to take the step towards digital transformation to offer a more efficient service to its customers by automating internal operations.


After analyzing different options, CardNET chose AuraQuantic as the most suitable software to carry out this transformation. The platform was contracted through AuraQuantic’s partner, Mercadeo del Caribe, a company specializing in digital business transformation consulting services, located in the Dominican Republic. According to Luis M. La Paz, Continuous Improvement Engineer at CardNET, “the flexibility and high levels of automation that can be achieved through AuraQuantic are unmatched”.


CardNET’s digital transformation process began with the automation of nine macro-processes, including the purchasing process, supplier payment and customer management. The platform’s ease of use and the intuitive no-code interface has enabled employees without technical knowledge to develop processes independently, thanks to the built-in assistant that indicates which data needs to be entered and if there are any errors.


AuraQuantic Training School is the official training center for AuraQuantic software. It has also played a key role in this adaptation, because the team has been able to gain experience in process development, getting to better understand the tool and gradually assimilate the knowledge effectively.


Thanks to digitization, CardNET has achieved a more precise and real-time control of company data, using dashboards and Business Intelligence reports. In turn, bottlenecks have been eliminated and the purchase process has been expedited by 50%; In addition, it has reduced paper consumption by 90%, which has led to savings in costs, management time and storage space.


All these achievements have led CardNET’s management to continue on its path of digital transformation. In the words of Luis M. La Paz: “if we want to modernize a company and automate processes quickly, easily and with great potential, AuraQuantic is the best tool to achieve it”.