BPM Case Studies

High-Impact results.

With AuraQuantic BPM the ROI is up to 400%. You will start seeing results in a very short time. Let’s see some of the benefits.

See results with AuraQuantic in 1-3 months or less

If the processes have been well designed, the saving in operational costs is such that the registered Return on Investment (ROI) can easily reach 400%. As AuraQuantic requires no additional programming, the cost and time of implementing and carrying out modifications throughout the process’ useful life is drastically reduced (up to 70%) compared with other BPM systems.

BPM Case Studies

This selection of BPM Case Studies of corporate projects and complex processes demonstrates the superiority of the AuraQuantic BPM (Workflow Software) suite and its successful implementation methodology.

BPM Case Studies reveal that the statistics are in your favor


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Increased Efficiency


Increased Productivity

Important Benefits proven in our BPM Case Studies

The huge competitive advantage of working with BPM explains why a rapidly increasing number of enterprises and organizations are adopting BPM tools to ensure they don’t fall behind the competition who are already benefiting from the tool. See some benefits here:

BPM Case Studies - Satisfy Customers

Satisfy Customers

The reduction in customer response times is huge with AuraQuantic. One customer example is GMX Seguros: “We reduced customer response times from 14 to 4 working days.”

BPM Case Studies - Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

You will increase productivity by up to 85%.

BPM Case Studies - Optimize Efficiency

Optimize Efficiency

Thanks to the automation of all the tasks in your organization, you will be more efficient and your employees will be able to complete more tasks in less time.

BPM Case Studies - Reduce Costs and Time

Reduce Costs and Time

With AuraQuantic you will reduce costs by making optimal use of all the resources offered by the BPM Solution.

BPM Case Studies - Expand Business Opportunities (Casos de Éxtito BPM)

Expand Business Opportunities

The complete Digital Transformation will empower you to manage more than before.

BPM Case Studies - Expedite Task Completion (Casos de Éxtito BPM)

Expedite Task Completion

The BPM integration of all information in the organization will result in a reduction of time to complete tasks.

BPM Case Studies - Make Better Decisions (Casos de Éxtito BPM)

Make Better Decisions

Make optimal use of all information using BI and predictive analytics to guarantee well-informed decisions.

BPM Case Studies - Improve Internal Communication (Casos de Éxtito BPM)

Improve Internal Communication

Centralize communication to drive process improvements in all departments of the organization.


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Worldwide affiliates & customersy


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