Case Study

Arbora & Ausonia

Arbora & Ausonia, leader in the manufacturing and marketing of feminine hygiene and infant care products, installs AuraQuantic software to manage and automate its business processes.

About Arbora & Ausonia & the Project

After a thorough analysis of technological improvements that could optimize Arbora & Ausonia’s resources, the implementation of AuraQuantic BPMS was selected as it met all expectations and filled in the gaps that conventional ERPs were unable to fill.


The Challenge

A&A sought to optimize its two main production processes which are, the management of raw materials and the registration process of the finished product. To achieve this, they considered purchasing a new BPM, as they had been working with a different system for several years but on a smaller level.

The Solution

ACBP (, technology company and AuraQuantic partner, carried out the implementation of the application and the consultancy for the AuraQuantic processes, providing a solution to the different problems.

Raw Material Management Process

A process to manage and monitor all tasks necessary to proceed with the use of a new raw material.

Finished Product Management Process

A process to manage and monitor all tasks necessary to proceed with the registration of a new finished product reference.


SAP interaction was necessary in many stages of the process, so they used utilities for extracting and updating information specific to this ERP that were launched from system tasks in the processes.

User distribution

As AuraQuantic is a web solution with Service-oriented architecture, and the company has a connecting line between all its plants and headquarters, users had no problems participating in the processes using this tool.

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Great Results

The implementation of AuraQuantic and the two production processes, and ACBP’s efforts, have solved all the issues raised by the customer. Optimization of the processes is being achieved thanks to AuraQuantic’s capacity for control and analysis.

Superior Results

Agility improvement0%
Improvement of internal communication0%

Interesting facts about Arbora & Ausonia

Arbora & Ausonia has a firm goal: to be leader in providing top quality and value with its brands, products and services, to contribute to the well-being of the consumer. This provides a valuable investment for its shareholders, customers and suppliers, as well as progress to employees and the community.

Years of experience

Founded in 1968.

Products and brands registered

Dodot, Kandoo and Charmin nappies and wipes, Evax and Ausonia sanitary towels and panty liners, Tampax tampons, Ausonia Evolution, Lindor and Salvacamas products for urinary incontinence.

Square meters of land

The industrial warehouse has 59,500 square meters of land.


More than 500 employees in the Alicante industrial warehouse.

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