Case Study

Arce Legalizaciones

ARCE LEGALIZACIONES implements AuraQuantic, creating External Portals for its Customers to provide them with reports of the status of their projects and access to documentation.

About Arce Legalizaciones & the Project

Given its rapid expansion in recent years, ARCEEP contracted the consultancy firm I-Systems, AuraQuantic’s partner in Spain, to implement a management application that could provide total and continuous control over the information, as well as reports, document management and remote access for all employees. In line with I-Systems’ philosophy of comprehensive service and its pursuit of maximum profitability and efficiency in the solutions and services it implements.


The Challenge

ARCEEP is a company whose dedication makes it necessary for its consultants to travel. This means that the consultants must have remote access to the data. For this same reason, they must also be able to telecommute so that the information can be updated as quickly as possible.

The Solution

I-Systems, whose work methodology is aimed at working together with customers to provide them with access to the new Information Society business opportunities, proposed a solution based on the implementation of AuraQuantic which would integrate an external database to load all the data to be monitored and controlled. This would make it possible to use the data from different ARCEEP applications.

Automatic system tasks

System Tasks (tasks performed by AuraQuantic automatically without human intervention) and Deviators that automated changes in the status of the information.

Reporting services

The reports were developed using Reporting Services.

Integrated external database

AuraQuantic integrated an external database to load all the data to be monitored and controlled.

Document management

From the Document Management, I-Systems was able to set up the processes to start or end just by introducing a document using System Tasks.

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Great Results

Great benefits have been obtained with the implementation of the new process management portal. It guarantees all employees and customers have access to the information from anywhere, providing more fluidity in the daily workflows and perfectly controlling access permissions using the tools provided by AuraQuantic. This increases security and flexibility to access information.

Superior Results

Document management integration with processes0%
Productivity improvement0%
Analytical capacity improvement0%

Interesting facts about Arce Legalizaciones

ARCE is a professional cabinet specialized in the legalization of facilities. Its main activities are the management of municipal licenses and administrative authorizations, legalization consultancy and legalization engineering.

Years of experience

Founded in1999.

Official offices

Offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Fraga and Lleida (Spain).

Specialized services

Consultancy, legal engineering, control and coordination of strategic plans, etc.


More than 30 clients including ONO, Endesa or Telefonica.

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