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About ArcelorMittal & the project

The ArcelorMittal Foundation has always had a strong background in managing cultural projects, but was beginning to find the increasing volume of project proposals sent by cultural agents a challenge. Along with the volume of transactions came the corresponding large amount of legal documentation and controls required for each step in the cultural project evaluation process.


The Challenge

From 2004 to 2007, the foundation invested approximately $30 million on cultural initiatives (sponsorships, events, grants, etc.). The systems used in the past were not integrated and required the use of paper and manual labor. In fact, the process of registering projects used to be done by the cultural agents in printed forms which were then entered in a database. All cultural project monitoring was done manually, searching for information from different systems and resources.

The Solution

After consolidating the Cultural Investment Policy and implementing the Culture Committee, The ArcelorMittal Foundation proposed the creation of a cultural management system, called Ctrl-Cultura, powered by the AuraQuantic BPMS platform and the RSA system, a Core Synesis business solution. The combined system allowed the foundation to design and automate more than 17,000 processes to control all cultural management programs. This resolved numerous problems: Sponsorship via tax incentives, development of artistic events to stimulate support of new values, development of programs in the different cultural areas, as well as including many of its cultural policies and strategies in the Business Rules Engine offered by the system. This created the necessary workflows to integrate employees and projects (Cultural Committees, Marketing and Communication Areas, Relationships with Institutions, etc.), by using the AuraQuantic BPMS Intranet, where all forms of information can be shared, including: Agendas, Documents, Tasks, Forums, Reports, Activity Monitoring, etc.

Clear strategies and policies

Using the Business Rules Engine offered by the system.

Clear communication between departments

AuraQuantic BPMS Intranet is a platform used to collaborate, communicate and share information.

Easy evaluation of results thanks to process monitoring

The project covers the complete lifecycle of a cultural project; from the initial request, the management of a proposal, and right through to the conclusion and evaluation of the results and the impact of each cultural project on the Foundation.

Full integration with all the systems used

The SOA approach was adopted to perform the required integration between the RSA-CSY system and the AuraQuantic platform.

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Great Results

The integration of all information related to cultural projects, which can be handled swiftly and shared between the numerous professionals involved in different projects. Ease of operation when processing sponsorship requests, analysis, selection, monitoring and the evaluation of project results, enabling more qualified and efficient management.

Superior Results

Time reduction for proposal evaluations0%
Digital transformation of project proposals0%
Improvement in internal and external communication0%
Increase in analytical capacity0%

Interesting facts about ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal Brazil is the largest steelmaker in Latin America, with significant presence in the areas of stainless steel, long and flat carbon. ArcelorMittal is the world’s number one steel company, present in more than 60 countries. It has led to the consolidation of the international steel industry and today ranks as the only truly-global steelmaker.

Years of experience

The ArcelorMittal Foundation in Brazil, founded in 1988.

People benefiting from social projects

ArcelorMittal develops Social projects benefiting around 800.000 people.

Different countries

ArcelorMittal has an important international presence.

Millions of tons of liquid steel

They have an annual production capacity of 114 million tons of liquid steel.

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