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ATIS Ketchum

The software implementation has empowered ATIS Ketchum with a reliable monitoring system that supports the work and management of its Public Relations area.

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About ATIS Ketchum & the Project

To achieve Digital Transformation, the ATIS Agency, opted to implement AuraQuantic and has successfully installed its own information monitoring system; strengthening its daily press clipping service, content analysis reports, sectoral reports; and giving the Agency a significant competitive edge.


The Challenge

Information monitoring is a fundamental aspect for the ATIS Ketchum agency. To support the Agency’s management, at the end of each campaign or at the end of the month, a results report is generated that measures the impact of the Public Relations management for each of the campaigns. Hence, the importance of having an orderly process, which offers the ATIS Ketchum Agency a platform that systematizes the information generated by the Monitoring team, organizes it into categories, and provides the customer with a daily product in a uniform and corporate presentation.

The Solution

ATIS Ketchum chose AuraQuantic iBPMS to manage and control the information monitoring process to offer its customers the use of a corporate template for daily news clippings. The first process implemented with AuraQuantic was building a database of Public Relations and media customers (ATIS Ketchum monitoring base). The next step was to create a template for sending a daily press clipping that groups information into the following categories: brand, competition and topics of interest. All based on keywords that are entered in the customer’s registration process in the system.

Greater reach to media

We have a much greater reach now than we had a few years ago, before the System implementation.

Monitor all media at a regional level

We now have the option to monitor all media at a regional level, with the power to deliver reports at key moments for the customer.

Social media behavior monitoring

We can monitor the different newscasts with the up-to-the-minute information of social networks and deliver it immediately to the customers.

Instant information management

The optimization of results in terms of response times, quality, delivery and reaction satisfies the customers’ desires for their needs to be met immediately.

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Great Results

The software implementation has empowered ATIS Ketchum with a reliable monitoring system that supports the work and management of its Public Relations area.

Superior Results

Substantially reduced manual work0%
Digitization of all types of information0%
Greater reach through this system0%
Optimized workflows and the use of this system0%

Interesting facts about ATIS Ketchum

ATIS Ketchum is a company specialized in Strategic Communications, Public Relations and Corporate Events, with offices in Quito and Guayaquil. It offers advice accompanied by a comprehensive internal and external communication plan with a highly qualified team.

Years of experience

In the Public Relations sector in Ecuador, ATIS has the endorsement and support of Ketchum.


To promote corporate social responsibility in the areas of Human Rights and Business, Labor Standards, the Environment and the fight against business Corruption.

Areas of specialization

Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Event Management, Digital PR and Media Monitoring.


From over 40 countries through alliances with Ketchum Public Relations.

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