Case Study

Grup Balfegó

Grup Balfegó implements AuraQuantic BPM Suite as a
corporate platform for the business process automation of the whole company.

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About Grup Balfegó & the project

Grup Balfegó implemented AuraQuantic BPM Suite as a corporate platform for the business process automation of the whole company, including administrative and production processes, such as the procedure for processing tuna.


The Challenge

Balfegó is a company strongly committed to its customers and to society in general, in order to sustainably satisfy their expectations, it does far more than just scrupulously complying with laws and other obligations. Its vision is for future generations to continue to fish responsibly, just as previous generations have done, because the resources merit an improved attitude to guarantee maximum cost-effectiveness.

The Solution

One of the pillars of the new Balfegó strategy was the implementation of the AuraQuantic BPM Suite as a corporate automation platform for all of its processes, including both administration and production processes related to the treatment of tuna.

Automation of extraction process

Documents are automatically created and sent from the ships. Communication with Bluefin tuna regulation centers. Self-control in the management of the quotas assigned to the whole fleet.

Farm maintenance and feeding process

To adjust the supply to meet the demand in order to achieve the best price in the market.

Industrial processing process

Automatic assignment of each piece of tuna fish to each client according to weight or fat percentage.

Commercialization process

Customer integration in the commercial process using external portals.

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Great Results

Thanks to the professionalism of its consultants and their knowledge of AuraQuantic, FSF has managed to offer Balfegó a truly customized solution in time frames unachievable by other BPM tools in the market. For example, the Data Capture process of sales in Japan, including integration with the ERP system for automatic invoicing was ready in just two weeks.

Superior Results

Improvement in process times0%
Reduction in human errors0%
Faster adaptation to environmental changes0%

Interesting facts about Balfegó Grup

Balfegó is the main Catalan company devoted to Fishing, Aquiculture and also the only company in the world to have implemented a Traceability System for Bluefin tuna. The system gives the consumer visibility into sourcing information by means of a simple SMS message or via the website.

Years of experience

Founded in 2002.


Increasing every year.


Leaders in the exportation of Bluefin tuna.


National and international awards in the fishing and gastronomy field.

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