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CAF Power & Automation

CAF Power & Automation is committed to increasing mobility by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of transport systems and offering security and comfort to its users.

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About CAF Power & Automation & the Project

With the implementation of the AuraQuantic BPM Suite, CAF Power & Automation has achieved much greater flexibility and speed when implementing new or modifying existing operations. Over the last 18 months they have launched twenty BPM processes and the list continues to grow each month.


The Challenge

CAF Power & Automation is an organization that manages many processes related to several management areas on a daily basis: Commercial Management, Product Design, Project Management, Purchasing Management, Quality Management, etc. These processes must all meet stringent quality standards and guidelines such as the ISO 9001 and CMMI, as well as new industry standards and customer demands.

The Solution

The solution consisted of implementing BPM as a management tool specialized in process management. CAF Power & Automation evaluated several solutions and their capacity to cover all requirements. They chose AuraQuantic as the tool that best met their needs.

Automated day-to-day operations

A year and a half after the initial implementation, CAF Power & Automation has more than twenty processes implemented with BPM and continues to expand each month.

Agile system for continuous improvement

Ensuring correct operation at all times, in compliance with the established guidelines.

100% web based

The AuraQuantic platform is 100% web based and therefore easy to use.

Progressive implementation methodology

Eutik technical consultancy led the project, applying a progressive implementation methodology which gave very impressive results.

BPM Software Key Industries

Great Results

AuraQuantic has made it possible to implement process management effectively and efficiently throughout the organization, creating an agile system for continuous improvement, while ensuring its correct operation and regulatory compliance at all times.

Superior Results

Improvement of efficiency and speed0%
Reduction in human errors0%
Reduction in paper documentation0%

Interesting facts about CAF Power & Automation

CAF Power & Automation is a company dedicated to providing specialized technological solutions for information and communication systems in the rail sector.

Years of experience

CAF Power & Automation is the fruit of a CAF Group initiative which, drawing on 100 years of experience, merged three companies into one: Trainelec, Traintic and DTQ4.


CAF Power & Automation benefits from a multidisciplinary team specialized in power electronics, automation and communications.

R+D projects

CAF Power & Automation continuously research and innovate to keep ahead of changes and meet the needs of the railway sector.

National top ranking enterprise

Also ranked 42 in the top companies in Gipuzkoa, and 30 in the sectorial ranking worldwide.

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