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Thanks to the AuraQuantic Business Process Management
Platform, Coprusa has optimized its process management very quickly and easily.

About Coprusa & the Project

Thanks to the AuraQuantic Process Management Platform, Coprusa has quickly and easily optimized process management. The ‘no programming’ feature when implementing the processes, which is unique to AuraQuantic, has allowed the company to become much more self-sufficient.


The Challenge

At a time of great expansion, Coprusa wanted to become more efficient and to control employee performance. It also wanted to update communication channels between customers and suppliers, to differentiate itself from the immediate competition.

The Solution

The search for a BPM Suite resulted in the selection of AuraQuantic, mainly because it allows processes to be created directly using flow diagrams without programming or the need for expert staff. In a medium-sized company like Coprusa, the fact that no specialist resources are required to successfully implement the system is a key factor.

Flow participation of the business processes

Coprusa’s staff create and modify their own processes with no difficulty whatsoever.

Continuous improvement cycle

As the processes form part of the actual operation of the company, they are live and always subject to the Continuous Improvement cycle.


Reports on employee performance, which in turn lead to an improvement in productivity.

No programming required

Changes are made smoothly and with no programming.

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Great Results

A very important point to note is how well AuraQuantic has been accepted by the users. They soon found themselves in a very user-friendly and efficient work environment that enabled them to perform their work better, to the point where they no longer wanted to work by other means.

Superior Results

Internal and external communication improvement0%
Efficiency improvement0%
Analytical improvement0%

Interesting facts about Coprusa

Coprusa is a solid, efficient and solvent business group. With over three decades dedicated to the promotion and sale of plots, it has become a specialist in the construction industry. It has a profound knowledge of the industry, and also of the La Safor region of Spain, where the company is based. The experience accumulated over the years, the innovative projects carried out and the desire to excel have allowed Coprusa to become the first real estate group operating in the area; a privileged position it hopes to maintain through its professional determination for continuous innovation and adaptation to market needs.

Years of experience

Founded in 1973.

Buildings built

Most of them in La Safor area (Spain).

Industrial warehouses built

Most of them in La Safor area (Spain).

Urbanizations built

Most of them in La Safor area (Spain).

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