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Frutas Bean

Frutas Bean uses AuraQuantic on mobile devices to connect its widely dispersed employees and to improve product quality control.

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About Frutas Bean & the Project

The ease with which AuraQuantic can be integrated with other platforms and devices has allowed ACBP to provide in situ solutions for the horticultural sector, based on the use of mobile apps that integrate with AuraQuantic processes, making it possible to work online and offline.


The Challenge

At a time when horticultural companies are greatly expanding their production volumes, product quality is essential, as is the competitiveness of the products in order to appeal to the different European markets. The companies that carry out the cultivation and care of the plants had continuous difficulties because most of their employees work in different locations each day and often have no Internet access. This meant that the use of paper documentation (work reports, pesticide treatments, etc.) was a problem, and there was a lack of control over work performance in certain activities.

The Solution

ACBP, a consultancy firm specialized in providing solutions to business problems using state of the art tools, proposed a solution based on AuraQuantic and the implementation of apps for mobile devices. AuraQuantic can manage any process effectively, it has an attractive and user friendly web format and can be easily integrated with other platforms. The apps developed by ACBP can work online and offline solving the problems of Internet access, and they interact with AuraQuantic to start processes and manage tasks. Using the combination of both technologies, the processes that manage work reports and pesticide treatments in situ have been automated allowing employees to interact with company processes from their mobile devices.

Management of work reports

This process allows employees working at the cultivation sites to register reports on their mobile devices and the whole process is then controlled automatically from AuraQuantic.

Management of pesticide treatments

This process allows technicians to plan treatments from the AuraQuantic processes, which in turn, inform the employees of the work to be performed and where it should be done.

Quality control of the collected fruit

This process allows quality staff to carry out quality controls at the moment the fruit is received.

Quality control of the prepared fruit

This allows quality staff to carry out controls of the prepared product prior to commercialization.

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Great Results

All of these processes have been analyzed and implemented by ACBP in just four months thanks to the professionalism of its consultants and technicians, Frutas Bean’s involvement in the project and AuraQuantic’s ability to create even the most complex processes without the need for any programming.

Superior Results

Increase in workforce efficiency0%
Reduction in human errors0%
Reduction in unproductive time0%

Interesting facts about Frutas Bean

Frutas Bean is a company located in the Bajo Cinca region of Spain, specialized in the cultivation and commercialization of sweet fruits. It is currently one of the main exporters in the area and, during maximum production time, has a workforce of over 400 employees.


They have a workforce of over 400 employees.

Euros in annual revenue

It is currently one of the main exporters in the area.

Years of experience

Founded in 1975.

Sector ranking position worldwide

Specialist in the cultivation and commercialization of sweet fruits.

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