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About FUNAT S.A.S. Laboratories & the project

Laboratorios FUNAT S.A.S is a Colombian company dedicated to the manufacturing and retail of natural products for medicinal use, cosmetics and nutrition, based on active elements extracted from medicinal plants and natural resources. After a thorough process analysis, FUNAT Laboratories acquired AuraQuantic iBPMS because the information systems they had in place, including the ERP and own software developments, did not solve the loss of information and the lack of control and traceability in the processes. They began a company-wide digital transformation project.

The challenge

FUNAT Laboratories did not have a business process management system. The processes were carried out manually and other parts were managed using ERP and custom developments to try to solve process control and traceability issues. With the implementation of the AuraQuantic intelligent platform, FUNAT gained rigorous control of the organization, including the processes and productivity, thus improving customer satisfaction, sales, response times and much more.

The solution

Funat Laboratories selected AuraQuantic iBPMS as a process management solution, not only because the features cover all their requirements, but also because the tool is renowned for its ease of use and intuitive design, as well as agility, scalability and capacity for integration with other applications.


The use of the platform has successfully defined and simplified processes, established clear business rules, provided complete process traceability and organized information for well-informed decision making.

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Great results

Since the implementation of AuraQuantic iBPMS, processes have undergone continuous improvement, optimizing security and efficiency and driving the company’s digital transformation.

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