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Is undertaking its Digital Transformation process with a complete and unified digital infrastructure based on AuraQuantic.

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About GMX Insurance & the Project

GMX Seguros is undertaking its Digital Transformation process with AuraQuantic which will rapidly provide the company with a complete and unified digital infrastructure based on AuraQuantic Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPMS) platform.


The Challenge

In keeping with its commitment to continuously provide high quality service for its customers, GMX Seguros decided to undertake a project of process automation and continuous improvement by implementing AuraQuantic iBPMS (intelligent Business Process Management Suite). The situation was typical of companies in this sector, i.e. policies were written manually, using multiple applications to manage the data which often resulted in data duplication due to the lack of centralized, unique data. As a consequence, policy management was very time consuming.

The Solution

Instead of spending a lot of time designing the `perfect’ macro processes which never end up working as planned, the strategy adopted by GMX Seguros, which so far has proved successful, consists of creating and immediately executing small processes which intercommunicate and undergo continuous improvement. Once the global objectives have been established, without going into too much detail, the processes are directly and gradually implemented on AuraQuantic in such a way that the company can easily digest the changes. Furthermore, each implemented process uses past experiences to continuously improve. Using this strategy, GMX Seguros began by implementing the process to manage Civil Liability and Aviation policies.

Automated Complaints and Claims processes

Resulting in an increase of customer satisfaction.

Policy management and compliance

Business Transformation of policy management and regulatory compliance.

Use of key performance indicators

Key Performance Indicators register certain values in order to analyze the performance of the processes to facilitate decision making.

No need for any programming

Thanks to AuraQuantic’s ability to generate complex processes without any programming (‘No Code’), process implementation and execution was achieved in three months.

BPM Software Key Industries

Great Results

The execution of the process to manage Civil Liability and Aviation policies has successfully unified all information into one application resulting in a more dynamic, agile and faster management, hereby reducing response times.

Superior Results

Increase in the nº of requests made per day0%
Reduction in paper consumption0%
Reduction in time spent per work order0%
Increase in productivity0%

Interesting facts about GMX Seguros

GMX Seguros is a 100% Mexican Insurance Company, committed to heritage protection and security using innovative products, offering its vast experience and support.

Mexican insurance company

GMX Seguros is a 100% Mexican Insurance Company, committed to heritage protection and security.

Type of products

Leader in the insurance market in Mexico offering products to suit a plethora of requirements.

Millions of pesos in quality bonus

The financial statements of GMX Seguros reflect its healthy situation, with more than fifteen years in the Mexican insurance market and surpassing 3,250 million pesos, in quality bonus, at the end of 2013.

Years of experience

GMX have more than 15 years of experience in the Mexican insurance market.

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