Case Study


The department of infectious diseases of the Chronic Respiratory Disease Hospital Vigilance Network started a BPM project with AuraQUANTIC.

About INCMNSZ & the Project

With AuraQuantic we can control all our research protocol information, with operational simplicity and information security, which are elements we have been able to assess since the implementation.

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The Challenge

In clinical investigations, information management is of vital importance to generate reliable and satisfactory results, therefore information must be centralized, expedited, organized and constantly updated. Furthermore, confidentiality is crucial.

The Solution

The challenges facing the institution included our search for excellence and the maintenance of a culture of innovation in teaching and training, research and medical care. AuraQuantic Business Process Management software was implemented, in keeping with our objective of maintaining the highest technological development to benefit our patients and our research. With AuraQuantic we decided to manage protocol workflows and processes in our Chronic Respiratory Disease Hospital Vigilance Network, administrative processes to support the protocols such as the purchase of raw materials and the integration and management of our hematology laboratory, thus, all the involved personnel were included in the definition of the process rules.

Integration of all collaborators with one external portal

One portal to integrate all external collaborators.

Centralized information

Centralized information from the instant it’s captured, independently and for each institute, with secure rooms which control the access to information in accordance with user permissions.

Analysis of the obtained data

Simple data extraction for analysis.


Integration of the Laboratory application via web services, for online information retrieval, hereby avoiding recapture and errors.

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Great Results

The process execution is a success across many fields, including information security, information control, etc.

Superior Results

Improvement in information security 0%
Improvement in information control0%
Reduction in document loss0%
Increase in productivity0%

Interesting facts about INCMNSZ Department of Infectious Diseases

The Department of Infectious Diseases was established in June 1947 as a micro-biology and parasitology laboratory in the Illness and Nutrition Hospital. In 1978 its name changed to the Department of Infectious Diseases and the specialization officially began.


Involves collaboration from over 200 people, including teaching staff, researchers, health care practitioners and administration workers.

Years of research experience

Established in June 1947 as a micro-biology and parasitology laboratory in the Illness and Nutrition Hospital. In 1978 its name changed to the Department of Infectious Diseases.

Research and medical awards

Winners of several medical awards over recent years.

Medical research events

Participate in several events throughout the year.

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