Case Study


Telecommunications company KPN automates dispatch,

logistics (stock control) and service processes with AuraQuantic.

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About KPN & the Project

KPN has built process models on AuraQuantic, determining how the processes should work down to the smallest detail, without needing to program a single line of code. Even more importantly it doesn’t need any programming for any modifications performed throughout its lifespan.


The Challenge

Due to a rapidly changing market KPN was forced to evolve its primary processes, focusing on offering its clients personalized services in order to attend to each request with the utmost precision and efficiency.

The Solution

With competition fiercer than ever, any activity linked to a poorly managed supply chain can lead to customer loss, litigation, etc. which no company can afford to risk. All processes needed to be treated with maximum efficiency and urgency to meet customer demands. Based on a number of predefined conditions and objectives and in order to reduce delivery times and improve service quality conditions they initiated an extensive investigation and evaluation of a system capable of developing an effective control of the processes for implementation which would also optimize the use of resources and reduce costs. In 2010 they opted for AuraQuantic BPM Platform.

Delivery process improvement

To improve times and customer satisfaction.

Stock control digitalization

The majority of KPN’s Supply chain processes have been integrated into the AuraQuantic application.

Service process digitalization

The chosen BPM platform had to be capable of adhering to and executing strict ACM (Authority for Customers and Markets) guidelines, in combination with the management of a vast number of products, services and order flows.

No need for IT staff

Training gave KPN staff autonomy to maintain and update their processes without any type of intervention or assistance from external parties.

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Great Results

The implementation of AuraQuantic has resulted in numerous benefits and the project has successfully fulfilled all planned objectives. Since December 2014,  KPN employees have been pleased with the advantages of working with AuraQuantic.

Superior Results

Greater agility0%
Total integration0%
Greater customer satisfaction0%

Interesting facts about KPN

The copper and fiber network of KPN is an open network that is being used by Telecom operators and Service providers (including non KPN organizations) to deliver of a variety of services. KPN Wholesale is providing all the components a Telecom provider needs to comprehensively manage their customers.

Million subscribers

KPN Mobile, has over 23 million subscribers in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Million customers

KPN also provides Internet access to 2.1 million customers and offers business services and data transport network throughout Western Europe.

Million in revenue

2015 annual revenue of 7,008 million Euros with an operating profit of 708 million Euros.


They have a huge number of employees in the headquarters and subsidiary companies like Geltronics and Simyo.

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