Case Study

La Marañosa Institute of Technology

Following its commitment to excellence and culture of innovation in various fields of the Armed Forces, ‘La Marañosa’ Institute of Technology (which belongs to the Spanish Ministry of Defense) has implemented the AuraQuantic BPM Process Management platform to fulfil its objective of maintaining the highest level of technological evolution.

About La Marañosa I.T. & the Project

The element that fueled this implementation was the R+D+I project ‘Combat IED Threat’ (Improvised Explosive Device). The project began in 2008 and provided great insight into different knowledge areas.


The Challenge

ITM = Total rationalization, agile support for the AFS (Armed Forces Spain), International Importance, National Industry Drive and Technology Campus.
The Institute of Technology is an institution that strives for institutional excellence through continuous improvement and the pursuit of total quality and value, with adaptability and with a strong commitment of service to the armed forces and society in general. Each one of the above components responds to an increasingly urgent demand for effectiveness and efficiency, which requires the use of tools with a high benefit-cost ratio and with the subsequent tangible Returns on Investment.

The Solution

As mentioned previously, the ambition of this initiative corresponds to the management of intangible assets derived from classic project management processes. It began with the pilot for a Knowledge Management System. After the design, they then began to implement the processes with the AuraQuantic BPM tool, automating the tasks as much as possible and monitoring and identifying the performers.

Integral management of the project and consequently the entire organization

Management of personnel, R+D projects, relationships with collaborators, the task workflow between performers in the system, etc.

Automated Process Management

Systemization of the organization’s routine and highly valued processes.

Creation of Intellectual Capital Indicators

Generation of indicators that make it possible to measure and subsequently act on basic Knowledge Management aspects such as the organization’s human capital, the structural capital or the relational capital.

Creation of specific Knowledge Management repositories

Such as Identified Lessons and Improvement Proposals, transparently powered by the horizontal Knowledge Management processes.

BPM Software Key Industries

Great Results

The implementation of the tool is a key element of the Knowledge Management System.

Superior Results

Knowledge management improvement0%
Analytical improvement0%
Communication improvement0%

Interesting facts about La Marañosa

‘La Marañosa’ Institute of Technology is one of the Ministry of Defense’s centers for investigation, technological development and innovation, at the service of the Armed Forces and the entire Spanish society. Its Central Campus includes 11 buildings spread over 44,000 square meters of land; 138 laboratories organized into 7 specialist areas and a workforce of around 800 workers and civilian and military researchers.


Organized into 7 specialist areas.

Square meters of land

11 buildings spread over 44,000 square meters of land.


Workers and civilian and military researchers.

Years of experience

Founded in 2011.

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