Case Study

Ministry of the Interior of Colombia (SIPI)

Awarded the “Global Awards for Excellence”

by the “Workflow Management Coalition, WfMC.”

About Ministry of the Interior of Colombia & the SIPI project

The implementation of the Viability process on the AuraQuantic Management Platform is of great importance as it is the gateway for the department’s processes to be executed using BPM and will naturally influence changes in other departments within the Ministry. Therefore, the investment in integration and consolidation is considered a powerful means of creating value for the country’s development.


The Challenge

The need to generate reports for various government entities, including management reports and departmental action plans. The large volume of records generated without automation did not provide any process traceability and lacked accuracy. Information is vital for the Department of Infrastructure and Development to successfully plan and make well-informed decisions. The Department of Infrastructure recognized the pressing need for a management model aligned with departmental strategies and capable of managing the complex activities, effective process analysis, transformation and dynamism.

The Solution

The information system for infrastructure projects, known as the SIPI Project (Sistema de Información de Proyectos de Infraestructura), uses the AuraQuantic intelligent BPM suite as process manager and has semi-automated the Viability sub-processes. As it is a public entity that allocates the resources, it is necessary to assess the documents and determine the feasibility of each projects. External and internal users with access to the system can, in a coordinated manner, participate in the processes and share documents which are stored in the document manager. Also, they have access to a dashboard to view real-time information on the status of the various projects. Document management and registration are implicit in the process, therefore it doesn’t require any supervision; projects can be accessed and monitored from start to finish.

The design stage of SIPI

Robust security system to guarantee user authenticity. Role-based activity distribution. Web-based architecture. Optimized process re-structuring. Dynamic execution of sub-processes. Generation of reports and monitoring.

Business Process Mangement Strategy

Is used to establish effective and transparent communication of technical, legal and budgetary concepts of the different infrastructure projects proposed to promote security and coexistence and managed with resources from Fonsecon.

Optimizing the use of all resources

The integration of people, processes and technology. An agile and flexible management of the Viability Process. A reduction in the steps involved in activities and procedures. A reduction in response times and increase in quality.

Technological tool SIPI BPM

Real-time process monitoring, control and traceability. Process activity log reports and key performance indicators. Increased synergy between information management and workflows. Digital signatures. Integration of external users in the processes.

BPM Software Key Industries

Great Results

AuraQuantic iBPMS platform has implemented the integration of external users in the processes, allowing mayors and territorial entities to participate in the process from any municipality of Colombia.

Superior Results

Management costs have been reduced0%
Error reduction0%
Increase in analytical capacity0%
Cost savings0%

Interesting facts about “MinInterior” and the Infrastructure Department

The Ministry of Interior’s Department of Infrastructure and Development is responsible for enforcing infrastructure policies to promote public safety and the preservation of civic life throughout the Colombian territory. The department fulfills its mission using Viability, Approval and Supervision processes for infrastructure projects, mobility and integrated emergency systems for security and coexistence.


Infrastructure projects were approved between 2010 and 2016.

Fonsecon inversion

Million USD (approximately) total contribution from the National Security and Coexistence Fund.


Involving interaction from 13 professionals and 3 support staff.

Mayors from the Municipalities

32 departments and other entities such as the National Police, Dimar (the Colombian Maritime Authority), Fiscalia (the Department of Justice), etc.

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