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About New Millennia Group & the project

NEW MILLENNIA provides payroll processing, invoicing, credit control, bad debt protection and a host of other services, allowing independent agencies to get on with the job of servicing their clients while being secure in the knowledge that the administrative functions are being taken care of in a professional manner. In order to facilitate this, from 2000 to 2010 NEW MILLENNIA used several disparate software packages which were inter-linked via manual paper systems which caused many operational headaches.

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The Challenge

For a Temporary Recruitment Agency, one of the most important requirements is to ensure that the administrative processes are running smoothly. NEW MILLENNIA understands that the independent temporary recruitment agencies must compete with large national companies, but in most cases they lack the resources (fiscal and technological) to do so on equal terms.

The Solution

In 2010 NEW MILLENNIA decided to implement an automated and centralized control of the services they were providing their clients. To achieve this, it was imperative for this control to be integrated with their clients’ applications and be highly efficient to comply with the legal regulations and controls in the recruitment industry. With competition fiercer than ever, any poorly-managed administration process could lead to the loss of clients, litigation, etc. All operational processes had to be treated with the efficiency and urgency that their clients required, so NEW MILLENNIA began an extensive investigation in search of a system capable of developing an effective control of a large number of administrative processes and of complying with the most demanding government regulations in the temporary recruitment field; while also optimizing resources and minimizing costs. In November 2010 they opted for AuraQuantic’s Business Process Management Platform.

The project with AuraQuantic successfully fulfills all their objectives, including:

Precise contract management

Working with processes has eliminated the need for paperwork.

Process automation and real-time monitoring

Process automation with real-time visual and intuitive monitoring of all actions performed in the processes.

Regulatory compliance

All changes to legal and regulatory requirements are quickly and efficiently implemented in the processes.

Effective document management

An effective document management system is integrated within the processes.

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Great Results

NEW MILLENNIA implemented over 600 processes in 2 years, from the creation of employee records right through to the payroll control, all with an automated service of alerts, alarms and notifications and within compliance requirements such as HM Revenue & Customs and AWR (Agency Workers Regulations).

Superior Results

Software providers' costs have been reduced0%
Reduction in consumables0%
Internal and external communication improvement0%
Staff reduction0%

Interesting facts about New Millennia Group

NEW MILLENNIA’s business model operates within the £28 billion per annum United Kingdom Temporary Recruitment Industry. Providing invoice funding, credit insurance, payroll and administration facilities to recruitment agencies operating nationwide. NEW MILLENNIA has been working within this industry since 2000 and holds both trade body and government licenses to operate. Their administration processes and government compliance issues are very complex and are susceptible to several major changes each year.

Billion pounds per annum industry

New Millennia Group PLC’s (NMG) business model operates within the £28 billion per annum United Kingdom temporary recruitment industry.


Providing invoice funding, credit insurance, payroll and administration facilities to recruitment agencies operating nationwide.

End clients

New Millennia provides temporary workers to all types of enterprises nationwide, including Tesco.

Temporary workers pool

New millennia have a huge database of temporary workers.

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