Case Study


PEMEX uses AuraQuantic BPM to automate strategic

processes in the Exploration and Production Division.

About PEMEX & the Project

In 2005 PEMEX purchased AuraQuantic software to automate the strategic processes of its Exploitation and Production division. Then in 2007, PEMEX also decided to install AuraQuantic for its Corporate Administrative Processes. PEMEX has been using the AuraQuantic BPM Suite for years now on a large scale and with complete satisfaction.


The Challenge

Although AuraQuantic is present in other PEMEX divisions, this Case Study refers to implementation in the PEMEX Exploration and Production Division. On a global level, PEMEX Exploration and Production occupies third place in terms of crude oil production, first place in offshore hydrocarbon production, ninth place in oil reserves and twelfth in revenues.

The Solution

Having decided that the solution was to automate their business processes, PEMEX Exploration and Production carried out an evaluation of several of the most prestigious BPM Suites in the market.

Automatic document and library integration

Ability to house the entire Corporate Document Management, which enables the complete automation of the four Document Management pillars: Capture, Creation, Flow and Access to documents.

Decision-making support

AuraQuantic provides tremendous agility in decision making.

Agile integration with other applications

Including the integration with other institutional systems using Web Services and the AuraQuantic Adapter Server.

Rapid implementation and deployment

AuraQuantic BPMS solution included many predefined business processes and enabled the creation of new models without the need for IT programming resulting in considerably reduced implementation times.

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Great Results

Aside from the simplicity, time and cost savings of the implementation itself, working with AuraQuantic has brought PEMEX Exploration and Production many operational and financial advantages. Now, the company can realize immediate results and can quickly make changes to processes without having to wait for IT staff.

Superior results

Paperwork reduction0%
Improvement in efficiency0%
Improvement in analytical capacity0%

Interesting facts about PEMEX

PEMEX Petróleos Mexicanos (Mexican Petroleum) is the largest company in Latin America, with 150,000 employees, and ranked number 31 out of the largest companies worldwide.


Largest company in Latin America.

Largest company worldwide

Ranked number 31 out of the largest companies worldwide.


Taxes on Pemex revenue provide about a third of all the tax revenues collected by the Mexican government.

Billion of company value

Pemex has a total asset of $415.75 billion.

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