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Tenco shopping centers use AuraQuantic to automate the back office

processes supporting the entire structure of the holding company.

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About Tenco Shopping Centers & the Project

As AuraQuantic can implement even the most complex processes without any additional programming, TENCO managed to automate 19 process classes in just 60 days.


The Challenge

The growing number of shopping centers under Tenco’s management created a need for strict control over support processes and investors demanded operation conformity. The accelerated expansion scenario required the implementation of a Shared Service Center to manage the entire group of shopping centers.

The Solution

Tenco considered the AuraQuantic BPM suite perfectly suited to their requirements of a technology platform to manage processes in the Shared Service Center, which includes the areas of Finance, Accounting, HR, IT and Purchasing. The processes were designed with business expertise from Cosin Consulting, while the AuraQuantic’s partner consultant, Gestão Inovadora, who has many years of experience, was responsible for modeling the processes using the BPMN standard, including the creation of the forms, the construction and parameterization of Portals to enable communication and collaboration with external users, the definition and implementation of user profiles, etc. Gestão Inovadora was also responsible for implementing the system, the ERP integration to import data, defining and applying Simulations, training the maintenance team and users, etc.

Flexibility when building forms and portals

This made it possible to build an identical visual identity to the corporate website, facilitating acceptance from the users.

Extended monitoring function

The Monitoring function facilitates process management and allows searches to be performed with many variables.

Automatic generation of alerts

Automatic generation of alerts for delayed tasks.

Easy data extraction

Extraction of data from the database for building dashboards.

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Great Results

The system worked exactly as planned and the first working prototype of an automated process was validated on 01/10/2012, which created a pattern to follow when implementing the other processes. In the same month, the number of processes for implementation increased to 18.

Superior Results

Improvement in efficiency0%
Faster decision making0%
Analytical improvement0%

Interesting facts about Tenco Shopping Centers

Tenco operates throughout the entire value chain of the shopping center industry: real estate assessment, market analysis, feasibility study elaboration, topographic analysis and survey and coordination of necessary technical projects, management and control of building projects, merchandising, general administration and wealth management for the shopping centers, etc.

Shopping centers

More than 20 shopping centers built in Brazil.

Shopping center users

More than 19.000.000 visitors to all centers.

Years of experience

Founded in 1988, it has more than 28 years of experience in the industry.

Number 1 shopping center group in Brazil

The best shopping center group in Brazil.

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