Case Study

University Ramon Llull

The Blanquerna Faculty of Health Science has opted to implement the quality management system, AUDIT, with the AuraQuantic BPM Platform.

About Blanquerna – Universitat Ramon Llull

& the Project

The implementation of this AUDIT quality management system is one of the requirements of the Bologna Plan for the European university convergence. The Blanquerna Health Science faculty of the Ramon Llull University has opted to develop their quality management system on the AuraQuantic BPM Platform, achieving all the advantages of data and process management, data collection for process improvement, collaboration and a reduction in bureaucracy.


The Challenge

The Blanquerna Faculty of Health Sciences has always shown a concern for the quality of its studies and projects, as well as the students’ perception of them. With this in mind, the management team launched a project of continuous quality improvement, involving the people with the highest level of responsibility in the institution in an assessment conforming to the EFQM Model. This assessment generated an improvement plan, which was launched at the same time that the need arose from the university administration to implement the AUDIT project.

The Solution

The solution was to implement the AUDIT quality management system in the most efficient way possible, and for the lowest possible cost. The project was awarded to AUREN Consultants, a multidisciplinary firm specializing in Information Technology and System Normalization.

Compliance with the quality policy

Consolidation of a Quality-culture based on known and publicly accessible policy and quality objectives, and also on what the SGIQ curriculum dictates.

Integration with the other Faculty platforms

The students enter the AuraQuantic platform using the center’s intranet.

Document management system

Time saving for the teachers when creating documentation and records.

Automatic process auditing with the AuraQuantic tool

This platform eliminates the paper from the processes and procedures linked to the AUDIT system.

BPM Software Key Industries

Great Results

Some of these processes have already been developed with IT support by universities or schools. Those that haven’t, require complex document management due to the distribution of people that must complete the records and also the changes that many teachers must follow. The result has been a platform which manages the key processes of the AUDIT system, using the AuraQuantic BPM Suite.

Superior Results

Integration with the other Faculty platforms0%
Improvement in agility0%
Auditing time improvement0%
Improvement in process times0%

Interesting facts about Blanquerna – Universitat Ramon Llull

The Blanquerna Faculty of Health Sciences is a teaching-learning community made up of 2,000 students, 205 teachers, 20 administrative staff and 200 companies and institutions which provide with support.


Teaching-learning community made up of 2,000 students.


Specialized teachers.

Administrative staff

Just in this campus.

External collaborating companies

200 companies and institutions provide support.

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