Case Study

EPM Group

By implementing the iBPMS, EPM has significantly improved the service and relationship with its internal and external customers and suppliers. They have evolved from phone calls, physical documentation and emails to a platform of self-management and the online control of pending tasks and unified notifications.

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Case Study awarded the “Global Awards for Excellence” by the WfMC

The Colombian Group is made up of companies located in Central America, Chile, Mexico, the United States, Spain and Colombia. The numerous companies in the group work together for regional developments offering services including electricity, natural gas, drinking water, basic sanitation, garbage collection and disposal, and information and communication technologies. These services improve the lives of more than 13 million 500 thousand citizens.

award winner WfMC 2017 case study - caso de éxito
epm energy case study
epm energy case study

The Challenge

The technology platform implementation for the EPM Shared Services center is a key part of the national plan to achieve synergies, economies of scale, savings and standardization, as well as empowering EPM to place greater focus on its key processes.

The Solution

The main strategy used for the adoption of new models was based on self-management. Teams working on organizational culture and business communications structured the fundamental idea of self-management, focused on all levels of education and responsibility within the organization and for external users.


The internal customers can keep abreast of the status of their applications and track active and completed processes.

Self-management platform

Online management of pending tasks and unified notifications.

Positively impacted the Environment

Thanks to the significant reduction in paper documents required for the processes.

Economic savings

For example, huge reduction in travel expenses for suppliers who no longer need to hand deliver documents.

BPM Software Key Industries

Great Results

The external customers now have the option to start processes from the comfort of their homes. Prior to the implementation, customers had to travel to offices as they were required to attend offices in person; in most cases this involved long-distance travel and long queues.

Superior Results

Reduction in internal air-travel service management0%
Improvement in compliance with the TSL Agreement vs 24% in 20150%
Service cost reductions0%
Increase in self-management compared to 0% in 20150%
epm energy case study
epm energy case study
epm energy case study
epm energy case study

Interesting facts about EPM Group (Empresas Públicas de Medellín)

EPM’s strategy is to grow with people, with emphasis on sustainability. Corporate social responsibility, effective corporate governance, long-term planning and technical, legal, financial and managerial rigor are the main pillars of their strategy. EPM contributes to the development of a prosperous environment, promoting a respectful business performance with importance on the economic, environmental and social consequences of their actions.

Years of history

Innovating to serve the public.

Municipalities of Antioquia

Serving 3.6 million inhabitants in Medellín and the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley.


To contribute to the growth of sustainable communities.

Health promotion programs

For citizens to have better living conditions and enjoy healthy lives.

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