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NEM Solutions

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About NEM Solutions & the project

NEM Solutions is a pioneering company, driving digital transformation projects for leading organizations in the energy and mobility sectors. To continue to successfully provide business excellence, NEM Solutions conducted a thorough study of digital tools. They analyzed diverse solutions, looking for the right software to fulfil their needs. Finally, they decided upon a management system which would allow them to develop their internal processes and automate indicators and reports. This required a powerful tool like AuraQuantic iBPMS, that could easily integrate and work with other software used by the company such as Navision, Jira, ERP, etc. They strived to achieve greater automation, flexibility, security and power, in addition to the global unification of the business operations, and the application of continuous improvement.

The challenge

Before the implementation of AuraQuantic, information was kept in different formats which made it difficult to process and obtain key indicators. To tackle this issue, they required a system that would provide a complete and global vision. To undertake a project of this importance, NEM Solutions consulted AuraQuantic Partner, Eutik, an expert consultant in process management and Business Intelligence with extensive experience. Eutik proved to be a great ally for NEM during the company’s digitalization.

The solution

For the project, it was key to implement a powerful and efficient solution like AuraQuantic iBPMS, capable of easily automating processes without the need to add programming code.

Well-founded decision making
Control and monitoring of the project resources
Reports in real time
Complete traceability of the project
BPM Software Key Industries

Great results

Once the solution was implemented, the effects were very clear: reports in real time empowered NEM Solutions to make decisions and quickly correct any deviation.

Superior results

Reduction of paper consumption0%
Automation of work management0%

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