Case Study

TRAC Rehabilitació

Since 1996, TRAC has been broadening its knowledge of existing buildings, their restoration, pathologies and technical and construction needs, improving their interaction with all the craftsmen involved in the work process and boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of management.

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About TRAC Rehabilitació d´Edificis and the project

TRAC has restored more than 1,500 buildings in Barcelona city and its surroundings, including buildings of all styles and architectural genres, all levels of organizational and technical complexity, and with a wide range of knowledge and skill requirements.


Their experience and results have allowed them to progress year after year, until reaching the current prestige that has made them one of the leading companies in the sector.

The Challenge

TRAC was in a period of growth, which, due to the complexity of its services, required a drastic organizational improvement.


Multiple restauration projects are managed, ranging from the initial study and commercial phase to the execution of the work, including material purchases and contracting of external suppliers.


As the first phase can be very long, many projects are managed at the same time and the company needed to monitor the status and situation of each project at any given time.

The Solution

For TRAC it was clear that they needed to improve their information system. They turned to Auren, a consultancy firm they collaborate with in aspects of financial advisory and business consulting.


Auren performed an analysis of their business processes and designed two possible architectures to improve their information system.


The first option was an extensive ERP which included the management of work and the second option was a simple ERP for the general accounting and financial tasks combined with a BPMS to manage work tasks (purchasing, budgets, monitoring and cost control) integrated with existing software and Business Intelligence (BI) (the existing software was used to prepare construction budgets but fell short in terms of management).


They chose the second option, and following the evalua?on of different BPMS, they selected AuraQuantic iBPMS.

Study and commercial area

Customer onboarding and Commercial follow-up.

Production area

Production management, Work certifications, Sub-contracting management, Sub-contracting proforma, Cost control of construction material, Time management and Margin management

Human Resources area

Special permits and Vacations.

Administration area

Payment control and Control of outsourced companies.

BPM Software Key Industries

Great results

The planned objectives were achieved thanks to the implementation of AuraQuantic iBPMS. Meticulous control of projects and work is available, which empowers a small number of people to manage a high volume of information extremely efficiently.

Also, the company’s management has real-time information on the business evolution, which allows fast and agile decision making.

Superior Results

Project control0%
Document Management0%
Improvement of times in internal audits0%
Compliance with regulations0%
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