Case study ATIS Ketchum

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About ATIS Ketchum

ATIS Ketchum is an agency offering comprehensive communication services, based on credibility, specialized practices and teamwork. They work with a portfolio of multinational and Ecuadorian companies.


In ATIS, they decided to guarantee the safety of their employees before the Ecuadorian authorities put measures in place to contain the COVID-19 virus and before the city of Quito reached a high-level of alert.

The challenge

ATIS needed to get their workforce working remotely as soon as possible. Implementing a safe and effective remote work solution appropriate for the organization’s 800+ employees to work from home and enable the company to remain competitive was a challenge. The solution not only had to be powerful, simple and safe, but it also had to be profitable.

The solution

ATIS was fortunate to be able to easily access the appropriate technology for remote working as it already had the AuraQuantic Low-code Application Platform (LCAP). They had previous experience of working remotely, since they were already collaborating with offices in over 40 countries through alliances with Ketchum Public Relations.

business continuity and increased productivity

automation and traceability

greater agility and responsiveness

BPM Software Key Industries

Great results

Since its implementation, remote work has been a fundamental pillar; productivity has risen by 45%, a very relevant figure that shows the benefits it offers for employees and for the company.

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