Case study GP Strategies Corp.

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About GP Strategies Corp.

GP Strategies Corp. is a global performance improvement provider of sales and technical training, e-learning, management consulting and engineering services headquartered in Columbia, Maryland. GP Strategies leverages digital automation to offer customers rapid document development, reliable and real-time tracking and efficient and effective document management.

The challenge

Having identified areas for improvement and faced with fierce competition and exigent market demands, GP Strategies realized that it was necessary to digitally transform to stay ahead of the competition. When evaluating solutions, GP Strategies looked for ease of use, traceability and scalability.

The solution

AuraQuantic fulfilled these criteria 100%. Platform licenses can be scaled up and down as necessary, which is critical for keeping costs to a minimum. Projects can also be scaled from internal templates to fortune 500 customers. Another valued feature was AuraQuantic’s collaborative nature and customization. GP Strategies approached digital transformation with a customer-centric mindset, pinpointing areas for improvement that could increase efficiency, reduce costs and ultimately heighten customer satisfaction. The greatest impact the project has had on workers is the time saved in and across different departments including:


The digital platform has saved time for the Quality Control team as formatting issues have been eliminated and documents are standardized.


Many of the steps have been automated giving developers more time to focus on technical accuracy of the documents.


KPI, monitoring tools, and dashboards help project managers to more efficiently track project deliverables and staff assignments.

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Great results

The benefits obtained have placed GP Strategies in a position to be more competitive as the hours saved not only make their work more efficient but also mean that costs are reduced.

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