Certero digitizes 95% of its business in 4 months

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Certero is one of many companies in the global market that has decided to jump on the digitization bandwagon. However, the case of this company is special, mainly because it has managed to digitize 95% of its business processes in just 4 months. A particularity that makes Certero a perfect example of how companies can embark on their journey to the digital world, in a safe, agile, and simple way.


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Client Story: Certero

Certero S.A. is a company dedicated to vehicle financing that began its activity in 2019, in Quito (Ecuador). The company rapidly managed to break into the market for the sale of new and used vehicles, with a wide range of makes including Renault, Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, and Kia.


The rapid growth experienced by Certero, thanks to its programmed purchase system, that enables customers to finance the acquisition of vehicles with very competitive conditions, is the reason that the company’s management team decided to acquire business management software. They highlighted some priorities, including streamlining workflows, real-time monitoring and control of processes, and digital document management. After analyzing the different solutions available on the market, Certero opted for the AuraQuantic digital transformation platform. In addition to fulfilling all the business needs, AuraQuantic offered multiple functionalities such as process automation, Business Intelligence & reporting tools, and business application design without the need for programming. In addition, according to the decision-makers at Certero, “The good references we received about the AuraQuantic platform were fundamental in the company’s decision-making process.”


After contracting the platform through AuraQuantic’s partner LeadSolutiuons, Certero started an analysis process to pinpoint bottlenecks and identify processes that could be improved. The digitization and automation of all document processes was a priority for the company. The aim of digitizing document management was to reduce the volume of operational work and achieve an effective process execution, reducing the use of human and material resources, and time. Likewise, Certero could use the platform for real-time monitoring of all procedures carried out by the staff. Non-technical workers helped implement many improvements that resulted in faster processing times, thereby increasing customer satisfaction as they received their vehicles faster than ever before. 


The AuraQuantic implementation process can be divided into two stages:


  • The first stage includes the automation of priority processes related to “Credit Qualification and Approval Services”, ” Vehicle Allocation” and “Customer Service for Incidents and Suggestions”.


  • The second stage consisted of integrating all the automated processes into the ERP system used by the company. The rapid implementation of AuraQuantic facilitated the total availability of the core business processes in a short space of time.


The results achieved by Certero following the implementation of the AuraQuantic digital transformation platform, include the reduction of time to manage procedures, the improvement of interdepartmental communication, the automation of business processes, the increase in the level of transparency and control of processes, as well as the reduction of human errors and meticulous regulatory compliance.


According to statements made by Certero’s Administration Manager, “AuraQuantic is a versatile and useful tool that has enabled us to improve all tactical and strategic company processes”. Qualities that, in addition to the results obtained, have been fundamental for the company, to continue automating more business processes and optimizing existing applications with AuraQuantic.



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