Cinco Días reviews the past 20 years of AURA’s business trajectory and its software AuraQuantic

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The Spanish newspaper, Cinco Días, recently published a report on the 20th anniversary of AURA and its software, AuraQuantic, trusted by more than 10 million end users worldwide.


In the “Little Giants” section, the specialist media briefly reviews the history of the company founded by Dr. Juan José Trilles and headed by his son, Pablo Trilles, who holds the position of CEO. The family aspect of AURA is evident in its organizational structure, but also in the scale of corporate values ​​that it transmits to employees and customers. A value that, in the words of Pablo Trilles, is reflected in the care of the 120 workers and their “close and friendly” customer service. These pillars have had a decisive impact on the international recognition of the Business Process Management (BPM) technology designed to improve business performance.


The wide and varied customer portfolio is another of the technology company’s strengths. Companies in the food sector, such as Grupo DIA, ElPozo Alimentación, and Balfegó; car manufacturers like Nissan or Toyota; financial companies including IberCaja and CardNET; and the public entity Water and Drainage Service of Monterrey are some examples of the extensive list of companies who trust AuraQuantic as an indispensable tool for business orchestration and digital transformation.


Furthermore, Cinco Días dedicates a special section to the AuraQuantic Customer Experience (CX) department, directed by Olivia Trilles, who is also responsible for Technological Research and Analysis. This is one of the areas with the greatest prominence in the company’s framework since it seeks to establish a good consumer-brand relationship that, in turn, generates added value. In this regard, the CX department provides full customer service. “Their problems are ours, we strive to solve them, and we go the extra mile: we offer services such as change management, which has no self-gain”, putting the customer experience first, assures Olivia Trilles.


Since its creation in 2002, AuraQuantic has made its way into the business software industry as one of the safest options for both public and private institutions, as well as for companies from all economic sectors. Its technology is capable of combining the automation of all kinds of business processes, together with no-code application design, and offers an endless number of functionalities. Consultancy, support, and the AuraQuantic Training School are other valued services of the technology company that aspires to continue growing.